Addressing Commercial HVAC Ventilation Issues

Addressing Commercial HVAC Ventilation Issues


Breathing clean air is essential for our health, but is your commercial building providing it? If you’re concerned about your building’s indoor air quality, it might be time to give your HVAC system a boost with ventilation verification.

What Is Ventilation Verification?

Ventilation verification is the process of evaluating your commercial HVAC system to provide you with opportunities for adjustments, upgrades, and repairs. By ensuring that your HVAC system has optimal ventilation, you can enhance its performance and guarantee better air quality for your occupants. Ventilation verification is also necessary for making sure your heating and cooling system meets proper regulations. During the evaluation process, professional technicians take into account important regulations, such as commercial building OSHA requirements and ventilation standards for schools. By meeting or exceeding these regulations, you can be sure that your building is providing a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Why Is Optimal Ventilation Important?

Poor air circulation can have a negative effect on your building occupants by worsening allergies and can lead to serious health problems, such as heart attacks, lung cancer, dizziness, and headaches. Poor ventilation can also affect productivity in the workplace. A mechanical HVAC ventilation system designed to filter air from outside can be a game-changer, but if you suspect it’s not doing its job properly, ventilation verification can help you pinpoint the problem.

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The Benefits of Addressing HVAC System Issues With Ventilation Verification

Here are a few benefits of ventilation verification:

Pinpoints Your Exact Problems With Precise Measurements

Addressing your HVAC ventilation issues allows your system to work smarter, not harder. By installing flow meters, temperature sensors, and pressure gauges, professionals can pinpoint your system’s inefficiencies in air quality output and energy efficiency. That way, you can make targeted improvements that align with your needs and ensure your system meets regulatory requirements.

Gives You a Professional Opinion

If you’re trying to address HVAC ventilation system issues, guessing won’t get you very far. You need an expert to evaluate your system with a professional assessment. By having a professional assess your HVAC ventilation system, you can accurately address any issues preventing your system from achieving optimal ventilation.

Decreases Liability for Lawsuits

Maintaining clean air in your building is also crucial to ensure a safe working environment and protect yourself from legal trouble. For example, the EPA’s largest union filed a grievance when they were forced to work in a vehicle testing warehouse without proper ventilation. Luckily, the workers won the right to telecommute, but this could have easily turned into a messy lawsuit if the EPA didn’t cooperate. Lawsuits can even come from former employees or building tenants many years after they’ve left. If they can prove that poor air quality was the cause of their health issues, you might be in hot water. But with regular ventilation verification, you can avoid potential lawsuits by ensuring your HVAC system is working properly at all times.

Lowers Your Energy Bills

Verifying your ventilation system can also help reduce your energy bills. According to experts, heating and cooling systems can make up a large portion of energy expenses, with up to 37 cents wasted for every dollar spent. By using ventilation verification to ensure optimal HVAC performance, you can recover up to 30 cents per dollar, potentially saving you thousands in the long run.

Here are a few optimal ventilation strategies that a professional may recommend to address your system’s issues:

  • Energy recovery ventilation: This system transfers temperature and humidity from exhausted air to incoming fresh air, conserving energy and increasing fresh air intake.
  • Demand-controlled ventilation: By using CO2 sensors, airflow can be adjusted in real-time based on the number of people in a room to ensure optimal ventilation and energy efficiency.
  • Variable-speed compressors: With hundreds of speed settings, variable-speed compressors can control airflow and temperature with precision, resulting in less energy consumption without compromising comfort.

Controls Humidity

Optimal ventilation also helps regulate humidity levels in your building. By relying on a professional to perform a ventilation verification assessment, you can smartly capture the moisture in humidified air, saving energy and reducing the need for additional humidification.

Improves Productivity

Studies have shown that polluted air can lead to increased fatigue, decreased cognitive function, and even illness. However, clean air can make a big difference in the productivity of your employees. By investing in ventilation verification, you’re investing in your team’s success and your company’s profitability.

Reduces Sick Time

Optimal ventilation in commercial buildings has shown to have significant health benefits. In fact, doubling ventilation in previously low-ventilated buildings is proven to reduce sick time by 35%. And for educational institutions, higher ventilation rates in classrooms have been linked to lower absence rates. One example of the power of ventilation is Lockheed Martin. When they moved one of their teams into a new building designed with improved natural light, airflow, and energy efficiency, they saw a 15% drop in absenteeism, which more than made up for the cost of the building in the first year.

Improves Comfort

A well-functioning ventilation system keeps you cool and comfortable during meetings and creates a welcoming atmosphere for prospective clients and partners. Optimal ventilation also reduces odors and keeps indoor air fresh.

Key Takeaways

Breathe easy and improve your indoor air quality with a professional inspection from AirLogix. Whether you’re concerned about air quality in your restaurant, warehouse, storefront, or educational facility, our professionals will draw on their extensive knowledge and expertise to provide tailored recommendations aligned with your goals and needs. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial HVAC services.

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