Commercial Ice Maker Repair
& Installation in NYC & NJ

AirLogix will help you choose the best ice machine for your needs and keep it maintained to protect your investment.

With the expert advice and maintenance from AirLogix, your ice maker will be functioning at its best speed and efficiency, keeping customers happy with clean, clear ice.

Ice Maker Manufacturers We Service

Commercial ice maker repair & installation is an important component of any restaurant, hotel, bar, and even health care facilities. We’ll service all types of ice makers, but these are the ones we see the most often:

  • Vogt
  • Hoshizaki
  • Scotsman
  • Manitowoc
  • Follett
  • Cornelius
  • Ice-O-Matic
  • Everpure
  • …And many more!

We’ll also help you choose the best location for your ice maker to prevent overheating and ensure peak performance throughout the busy times of day.

AirLogix is ready to be your partner in commercial ice maker repair & installation. Request a quote today! With maintenance agreements and service contracts, you’ll be ready for crowds during your busy time, and extend the life of your machine.

“I have been working with Airlogix for over 10 years, they have built most of my restaurants and maintain all the HVAC-R in them. They are my trusted partners for over a decade and they always come through on time and within budget. They’re reliable, and reasonable, they always do the right thing and thats why I am a happy customer.”

—  Thanos A., Vice President, Operations

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What is the Best Commercial Ice Maker for My Facility?

Restaurants, bars, hotels, and healthcare facilities all have different needs when it comes to ice production. As experts in commercial ice maker repair & installation, AirLogix will ensure you have the best unit for your business. In addition to the features below, consider the shape and type of ice you’ll be serving (cubed, nugget, flaked, or specialty) as you make your decision.

Choose the Capacity

Commercial ice machines come in a surprising variety of capacities, and the one you pick will depend on the industry and use.

For example, a restaurant can calculate 1.5 lbs of ice per customer. If they serve 200 customers per day, the ice machine will need to produce 300 lbs per day. But you may want a larger ice bin for storage during the busiest hours of the day, when ice production is less likely to keep up with the demand.

Modular, Undercounter, Countertop

A modular ice maker ice only consists of the machine component. This style produces a large amount of ice but needs to be combined with an ice bin. They also commonly sit on top of soda machines to dispense ice into cups instead of the separate bin.

An undercounter machine is just what it sounds like: it stands about 40” high and fits under a counter, combining the motor and the storage bin components of the ice maker into one unit. These are common for small bars or cafés, since most only have capacity for 350 lbs. For a busy bar, you may consider more than one unit to meet demand.

The countertop ice maker combines both the motor, storage bin, and dispenser into one unit and is typically found at health care facilities.

Air-Cooled vs. Water-Cooled vs. Remote-cooled

Most ice machines are air-cooled, which remains the most affordable option of the three. They do require about 6 inches of space around the intake and discharge areas, but otherwise work well for most facilities.

Some municipalities do not allow water-cooled ice machines because of the increased water consumption. However, some business owners need this option when the air around the ice maker contains grease and contaminants.

Remote-cooled ice machine systems function similar to a walk-in refrigerator with the compressor on the outside of the building to maintain clean air flow. Facility managers may choose this unit to reduce noise and heat around the ice maker, and when they do not have enough space for clearance around an air-cooled unit. These machines do have more wear and tear from the elements and might require more maintenance over time.

Add a Filter

While you may have clean, filtered water throughout your facility, adding a filter specifically for your commercial ice maker is a good idea. In fact, some manufacturers require a filter, or they’ll void the warranty.

Even without hard water, you’ll want to eliminate any mineral build up that could clog the machine and lower efficiency over time.

Ice Machine Preventative Maintenance and Repair

Commercial ice machine repair & installation differs from typical refrigeration services. Because your customers directly consume the ice from our ice machine, the FDA and health department regulate the cleaning and ice machine maintenance to ensure safety. The FDA is primarily concerned with the plumbing and prevention of any contamination, as well as the safety of your water supply.

Keep it clean

You or a professional technician should clean the ice maker every six months at a minimum. This prevents the buildup of minerals and bacteria, not only keeping your ice clean for consumers but also ensuring the machine produces ice quickly with peak efficiency.

Replace the water filter

If you have a water filter for the ice maker alone, you’ll want to clean it or replace it every six months, as well. You’ll notice that the ice is cloudy or even tastes unusual if you don’t keep the filter clean. If you notice it when you’re busy with customers, they definitely notice the problem in their drink. Keep everyone safe and healthy by simply replacing the filter during routine preventative maintenance.

Check the temperature

Sometimes ice production slows down because the temperature of the water or the air in the room increased beyond the manufacturer suggestions. Typically, the machine should be in a room at 70 degrees with the water going into the machine at 50 degrees.

A hot kitchen is not the place for your ice maker, and increased temperatures during the summer may impact performance, as well. Ensuring you have the ice maker in a room with air conditioning will help you regulate the temperature for better performance.

If it’s hot outside, your guests will want plenty of ice in their drinks, so now is not the time for the machine to fail!

Inspection of all components and controls

When you have a factory-trained, certified technician following up on your preventative maintenance, they’ll be able to quickly spot any loose wires or fasteners that you may not notice while keeping busy with your restaurant.

In fact, with a maintenance agreement on your ice maker, you’ll never need to check up on these features, and you’ll avoid a costly commercial ice machine repair. You’ll only have clean, clear ice right when you need it. Trust AirLogix to be your partner for commercial ice maker repair & installation.