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Trust AirLogix to design, install, maintain, and repair your commercial HVAC ductwork, so you avoid emergencies and save on your energy bills.

Whether you’re planning new construction or outfitting an empty space, AirLogix will be your partner in commercial ductwork installation & repair to extend the lifespan of your product and keep energy costs low.

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Start building your energy efficient air ducts today with help from AirLogix. We’ll help you every step of the way, even beyond installation with maintenance agreements and service contracts.

Commercial Ductwork Installation Cost

Ductwork installation is usually priced based on the cost of sheet metal and the linear feet required. Each project involves a variety of products beyond the duct itself, including hangers, transition pieces, adhesives, collars, splitters, insulation, and more.

AirLogix ensures we have all the parts we need to install quickly and efficiently for your project. We use the right products for the job, to keep tight seals and prevent leaking over time.

Areas We Service

Our commercial ductwork installation & repair service area includes all of New York City, extending into New Jersey and Pennsylvania. For emergency service, existing customers in our condensed service area will receive a two-hour response time.

In other regions, we partner with facility managers, general contractors, and business owners for duct installation and ongoing maintenance.

Preventative maintenance

With a maintenance agreement, you can avoid most emergencies by meeting the manufacturer specifications for regular cleaning and care.

Cleaning Ducts

Dust and particles in air ducts cause air quality problems and does not allow air to flow smoothly through the system. Extensive ductwork will require professional servicing to keep clean.

Loose Register Connections

During routine inspection of your ductwork, check that all register connections are sealed and tight to prevent further air from escaping and keep your efficiency high.

Changing filters and keeping coils and drain pans clean

With all air conditioners (even your window unit at home!), replacing the air filter or cleaning them often makes a huge difference in effectiveness. With a commercial unit, you’ll have more filters to maintain, so trust an expert to keep track of all of them.

The coils and drain pans also need to stay free of debris in order to preserve your indoor air quality, keeping it free from mold, allergens, and humidity.

“Airlogix is a great company to work with, they operate with integrity and the customer at front of mind. I am so happy I chose them to build my warehouse and cold storage. I would recommend them highly.”

—  Eric M., Owner, Manufacturing

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How to Install or Repair Commercial Ductwork?

While the cost of hiring a professional HVAC installer may seem prohibitive, the cost of installing ductwork on your own takes up time and money you may not have. Here are a few issues to consider before you decide to DIY.

Determining amount of ductwork

The planning stage of commercial ductwork installation & repair needs the most consideration and compliance with ASHRAE and SMACNA standards. The HVAC unit needs to be exactly the right size – too large and it will start and stop too often; too small and it works too hard – while the ductwork needs to maximize the space and location.

Efficient path for ductwork
One of the first ways to keep your HVAC systems efficient is to ensure you have the most efficient path for your ductwork. The design should feature the most direct and straight route between points, because adding bends and kinks in the ductwork system lowers the airflow significantly.
When installed improperly, your air handler will be working extra hard to get through the ducts, and spaces at the far end of the system will not be cooled as well.

Space required for installation

Most commercial spaces will be placing the airducts along the ceiling, in contrast with a residential home that might be installing the ducts in the basement with vents through the floor. Both can be efficient but have different purposes for heating and cooling.

Because heat rises, if you primarily use heat, then you’ll want the vents closer to the ground. The air will move towards the ceiling and heat the whole room in the process. If you were to use ceiling vents, then the heat would stay near the ceiling and take more work to cool the space.

However, most facilities have more trouble keeping people cool than warm, and they find air conditioning more necessary throughout the year. Ceiling vents will allow the air to move towards the floor and cool the entire facility more easily.

Additionally, if you have rooftop HVAC units, the ductwork will be very direct along the roof with few obstacles to work around.

Common Repairs

As professionals in the commercial ductwork installation & repair, we see some of the same repairs over and over. You can avoid them with routine maintenance or proper installation from the beginning.

Leaking ducts greatly reduce energy efficiency and can cause air quality problems, as well. Air will obviously escape the ducts and not reach the cents towards the end of your system. But the leaks also let in dust, debris, and insects which contribute to air quality problems.
If your system recently became less efficient, look for places where air flow is escaping the ductwork.

When ducts are exposed to extreme temperatures (on the roof or in an attic space), they need to be insulated to keep the air at the intended temperature. This also protects the ducts from condensation which can cause mold. When the temperature inside the duct is very different from the external temperature, condensation naturally forms, but the problem comes when combined with leaking and dust build up in the ducts.

Poor Design
Another common repair is replacing commercial ductwork that was wrong size to begin with. If the ducts are too large for a space, the unit needs to push too much air through to reach the ends of the system. If the HVAC unit is too large, it may turn on and off too many times to make efficient use of the air.

When your heating and air conditioning are the correct size, designed well for your space layout, you’ll have great air quality and see savings in energy bills in all areas.

Trust an Expert

Installing ductwork on your own takes time, energy, and knowledge that you may not have. Your team should be focusing on facility maintenance, or as a business owner, you should be focusing on your business.

Trust the experts in commercial ductwork installation & repair to design the layout correctly and repair any issues you may be experiencing. Design and proper insulation completely impact your energy bills and the money you save DIY-ing may be lost to energy inefficiency.

At AirLogix, we put the client first and give full transparency to the process, so you never need to worry about your HVAC system. If you choose a service contract or maintenance agreement, we take over from there, so you can prioritize other areas of the facility.