Commercial HVAC Services & Contracts

Whether HVAC or refrigeration, we specialize in comfort. Comfort in cooling and the
comfort you have from working with a reliable and knowledgeable company.

With proactive commercial HVAC services, you can avoid the discomfort of a heating or cooling emergency. But when an emergency does occur, existing customers can expect a technician to respond within two hours.

Commercial HVAC Services We offer in NYC & NJ

Call AirLogix today for a comprehensive and transparent approach to HVAC and Refrigeration with service options from new construction to preventative maintenance contracts. We look forward to becoming a long-term partner to meet your business and facility management needs.

We work with the hospitality industry, warehouse facilities, industrial buildings, retail shops, schools, hospitals and more to provide:

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Services with a 2-hr response time
  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • Remote monitoring & custom dashboards
  • Comfort and peace of mind!

Emergency Service

Stay comfortable with a two-hour response time for existing customers in our condensed service area. With fully stocked vans and experienced troubleshooting service technicians, we’ll have your units up and running again quickly.

Maintenance Agreements

Prevent emergencies with a comprehensive maintenance agreement for all your commercial HVAC/R equipment. We’ll keep track of the manufacturer specifications, so you can have peace of mind that your systems are ready for anything.

Service Contracts

In addition to keeping up with regular maintenance requirements, our customized service contracts will put you at the front of the line when you call for emergency servicing, as well as saving on labor based on your contract pricing. With our thorough record-keeping, you’ll be confident we’re servicing each piece of equipment quickly and effectively.

Mechanical Contracting & New Construction

Partner with a refrigeration and HVAC expert to plan your renovation or new construction project. We’ll coordinate all the elements, so your project comes in on schedule and on budget.

How to Get Started

When you call us, you’ll work with a customer service representative to confirm the commercial HVAC services available in your location and any timelines needs.

Depending on the service request, your quote may be based on the number of units and the size of your building. One of our experts may visit your site to confirm any pricing and get started on your custom contract.

Contact Us Today to request an estimate and get to know our team!

“Great contractor to work with, ETA’s are always met and technicians always do a great job, Airlogix ensures we have less than 5% downtime on our equipment, which is critical for our facilities. I depend on them to keep us running throughout the year, and they always deliver.”

— Jonathan M, Facilities Director

Our Commercial HVAC Services Work

Services & Contracts - 1 Services & Contracts - 2 Refrigeration Installation

Why Choose AirLogix for Commercial HVAC Services

We simplify your processes with innovative technology to ensure your facility can keep up with your business growth. With different types of coverage to meet your needs and dashboards to help you manage energy consumption, your commercial HVAC systems and refrigeration units are under expert care.


With a client portal, you’ll be able to see the exact work done during each service and hold us accountable after each visit. If we encounter a problem outside our HVAC servicing role (electrical, plumbing, etc.) while performing preventative maintenance, we let you know to help your business run smoothly, even beyond our responsibilities.


We value your time, so we respond to service calls quickly and fix it right the first time. When your store is closed or uncomfortable due to temperature, we understand that can cause lost sales, so we respond and diagnose quickly to get you back to business as usual. Our long-term, certified technicians have seen it all, making them the best at troubleshooting and repairing your problems.


We embrace accountability and being solutions oriented. We believe in personal responsibility for our outcomes. We adopt a solutions-oriented approach, following through from inception to start up and beyond.


We keep your interests at the front of our minds and do the right thing by you every day. We provide the best resources and care so we can watch you grow and celebrate your successes.

Innovation in Customer Support

When your business succeeds, we succeed. Not only do we offer the 24/7 emergency service, we offer secure, remote monitoring of your systems so you can see all your equipment in one place. Before you can feel the problem, you’ll be able to see it on the platform and respond to the emergency even faster. With equipment logging, you can track the temperatures throughout your facility to notice a pattern of inefficiency or better regulate temperatures during the day.

More reasons to work with us

Cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for long-term savings.

Fully stocked vehicles so we can solve any problem we encounter on the job.

Customized agreements and customer support.

Technicians with best-in-class training to quickly identify any issues on-site.

Industries We Serve

We’ll advise and guide on commercial HVAC/R services for most business and properties in the NJ/NYC area. With an HVAC or refrigeration contract in place, you’ll have fewer emergencies and will watch your equipment run more efficiently than ever before.


Stores and shopping centers rely on air conditioning and heating systems to keep shoppers comfortable and air quality clean. When a system fails, customers spend less time making purchases as they move on to the next comfortable shop.

Hospitality & Restaurants

from AC units in hotel rooms to walk-in refrigerators, customizing an agreement for all your commercial HVAC/R services will give you the peace of mind. You can be confident the food you serve is fresh and each room is the right temperature for guests.


Large warehouse spaces and distribution centers require large units to keep the temperature regulated. Through our complete range of commercial HVAC/R services, you’ll have the proper chillers or heat pumps for employee comfort despite manufacturing equipment.


Whether keeping the school environment comfortable for students to learn, or helping patients heal in a hospital, preventative maintenance and quick emergency response ensure your goals are met. With air quality top of mind, your HVAC filters need to be cleaned often to ensure safety and efficiency at school and work.