Commercial HVAC Remote
Monitoring in NYC and NJ

Track temperatures in all your HVAC and refrigeration equipment to keep costs low and catch issues before they become emergencies.

With a custom dashboard of all your equipment, you can monitor and control your equipment from anywhere in the world.

Why Choose AirLogix for Your HVAC Setup?

You need a partner in HVAC and Refrigeration you can trust to do excellent work and respond when you call. These are a few reasons AirLogix is the best choice to support your NYC/NJ-based facility.


We offer full transparency to our notes and service details, so you can be better informed about our process and hold us accountable.


With over 30 years in the commercial HVAC and refrigeration business, we understand how important it is to respond to emergencies quickly. You can count on us to answer when you call and solve the problem when we arrive.


We take pride in our work and execute with excellence, fulfilling all our commitments to clients.


Our helpful tools show us exactly what we need to know about your system maintenance before we arrive, and custom dashboards keep you informed about all of your systems and equipment.


We leverage the latest technology to make sure you get the help you need to run your business efficiently. We’re excited about new technology and introducing you to new tools that will save you money.

If you’re not ready for remote monitoring, consider a maintenance agreement or service contract. We’ll give your units the preventative maintenance they need to keep manufacturer warranties and prevent emergencies.

“Airlogix is a great company to work with, they operate with integrity and the customer at front of mind. I am so happy I chose them to build my warehouse and cold storage. I would recommend them highly.”

—  Eric M., Owner, Manufacturing

Our Work

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What Is Remote Monitoring?

With remote monitoring that leverages IOT, you can check the real-time temperature in every unit throughout the day from any desktop or mobile device. As a remote monitoring and management client, you also benefit from remote diagnostics and our touchless troubleshooting feature, including automatically addressing alarms and ultimately reducing service calls.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring in HVAC Systems

As a business owner or facility manager with several units, you’ll want to remotely monitor system efficiency at all times. Save time and money in energy bills and service calls with HVAC remote monitoring.

Save on Energy Bills

You’ll see results from commercial hvac controls right away on your electric bill. When you can closely monitor system usage and waste, you’ll cut back on the zones that aren’t being used and notice when refrigeration units may be overused.

Notifications & Alarms

Get early warning notifications when rooms or units hit a certain temperature, so you don’t need to check them yourself. With touchless troubleshooting from AirLogix, we can automatically respond to your alarms for the quickest resolution.

Control from Anywhere

If you’re traveling for work, or need another manager to check the dashboard, you can utilize our cloud-based commercial HVAC controls from anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you can monitor and respond to changes in your HVAC system.

Monitor Power Outages

During a storm, some locations may lose or gain power before others. Keep track of power failures across all your units to keep your food or inventory safe and your customers as comfortable as possible.

Record Keeping

With record keeping through the AirLogix dashboard, you can recognize problematic trends over time before they turn into bigger emergencies.

How to Setup Remote Monitoring

Now that you’ve decided to sign up as a remote monitoring client with AirLogix, you’ll need a few things to ensure the system works effectively all the time.

Choosing a Monitoring System

At AirLogix, we’ll help you choose the best monitoring system for your company and future growth, but these are a few of the things we think of before recommending a system:

Bases and Sensors needed
These are partly determined by the HVAC or refrigeration manufacturer you have, so you may want to consider remote monitoring right from install so you can have a seamless product.

Monitoring Applications
All systems will monitor and control the temperatures simply through WiFi-enabled thermostats (you can do this easily for your home, as well), but commercial HVAC remote monitoring goes beyond the temperature.

Some systems will track water leaks, humidity, motor vibrations, line pressures, CO2, voltage, and more. Depending on your specific concerns and facility needs, AirLogix will advise on a monitoring system to track and troubleshoot these issues for all your equipment.

Connect to Internet

Internet connection is critical to remote monitoring, so you’ll need a strong signal near all the units you intend to monitor.

WiFi or Cell Data
If the WiFi at your facility is often overloaded and spotty, you may want to consider cell data for the monitoring systems you choose. This way, you never have to worry about dropped signals or adding one more thing to a taxed network.

Wired vs. Wireless
You can also directly wire the monitoring system to your network without the use of WiFi. Keep in mind that this usage may still drain your internet network, so ensure you have enough capacity for the units.

Data Logging

Depending on the needs of your system, you may choose a separate data logger to track trends over time. These often don’t display real-time results but have limitless storage of records for the unit. Many facility managers find the cloud based dashboard is enough information, providing the real-time information and commercial hvac controls they need for day-to-day operations.

Some facilities require extensive data logs due to local health regulations, but the team at AirLogix knows what would be necessary for your specific facility.

Battery Back-up

One of the reasons you’re monitoring your system is to react appropriately to power outages – so battery backups are necessary for monitoring and control. In case of internet or power outage, many times the monitor will store information directly on the device and then upload once power is restored. You’ll receive a notification that the system is offline, which will trigger you into action.

The Best Choice to Monitor & Control Your NYC/NJ Commercial Facility

While an HVAC remote monitoring system may seem like a large investment, partner with AirLogix to ensure you have the best support to keep your system running efficiently all year long. Save yourself money in the long run through lower energy bills and reduced service costs.