Emergency Commercial HVAC
Services in New Jersey and NYC

Honest and Transparent HVAC repair right when you need it.

Emergencies never happen at convenient times. You may feel like your heating and cooling systems always break down on the coldest or hottest day of the year. At AirLogix, we offer emergency around-the-clock service with 2-hour response times for existing clients.

Emergency Services We Offer in NYC & NJ

Our emergency repair teams are ready to help when your system stops working. With a call center open 24 hours a day seven days a week, we will be ready to answer your request quickly and efficiently.

We offer emergency commercial HVAC services for new and existing clients, specializing in:

  • Emergency heating repairs
  • Emergency AC repair
  • Emergency refrigeration repairs


You keep the comfort and safety of your clients as your top
priority, and we’ll become your partner in reaching that goal.
Emergency commercial HVAC services can be an issue of
public safety for some businesses, and we take the
responsibility seriously with trustworthy,
transparent service.

Our expert technicians will guide you towards the best
solution, so you can better serve your clients and
residents, while remaining confident you received
the best value.

Why Choose AirLogix

You deserve the peace of mind that your system will be repaired correctly the first time, on time. You also want to know that you’re getting the best value for your money, while not being forced into unnecessary replacements. Here’s a few reasons you can trust us:


300+ Years Of Combined Experienced

factory-trained, certified technicians should go without saying. Our technicians have seen every kind of issue on every machine, and we can fix your problem.


Innovative Dashboard

When you become a client with AirLogix, you receive access to all our maintenance notes and repair reports, as they’re being updated. That means real-time information whether you’re on- or off-site.


First-Time Fix

We want to give our clients the best recommendations based on the age of your equipment and problem you’re facing. While some companies may recommend an upgrade to their preferred system, we will always seek to fix before we replace a system.

Integrity and excellence are two of our core values, and we strive to live up to those standards every day.

Industries We Serve

AirLogix services any commercial and industrial property, including retail shops, hotels, medical buildings, restaurants, warehouses, hospitals, supermarkets, government buildings, and schools. With both refrigeration and HVAC services available, you can streamline your vendors even further, and our record keeping keeps you informed no matter how many units you monitor.

Our emergency commercial HVAC services keep you comfortable no matter when you call us.

How To Get Started

When you call us, you’ll work with a customer service representative to confirm the commercial HVAC/R services available in your location and any timelines needs.

Depending on the service request, your quote may be based on the number of units and the size of your building. One of our experts may visit your site to confirm any pricing and get started on your custom contract.

Contact Us Today to request an estimate and get to know our team!

“One of the things I look for in a Service Provider is responsiveness; for the last 10 years working with Airlogix I can say that they are one of my most responsive vendors, which is huge for me as I am constantly on the go from site to site. I also really appreciate the client portal access that provides real time photo and video progress of our jobs. I look forward to our continued success in NY and NJ.”

— Bill M, Developer

Our Work

Emergency HVAC Service Emergency HVAC Service Emergency HVAC Service

Emergency Heating Repair and Cooling Services

When our technician arrives to fix your problem, you can expect a certified, factory-trained expert with years of experience. Here’s how AirLogix goes above and beyond in their service:


We make lasting repairs to your HVAC equipment to ensure a thorough resolution of the emergency.

Your Best Interests In Mind

When you need emergency commercial HVAC services, you might be ready to pay any price. At AirLogix, we lead with transparency and honesty, so you know exactly the extent of repair necessary. We won’t replace a functioning system just to make an extra sale.

Safety First!

This should go without saying, but we keep safety front of mind with daily safety debriefs. We keep your safety in mind by pointing out any concerns while on -site.

Full Service Report

At the end of your emergency commercial HVAC service, you’ll receive a full report detailing the repair and any possible repairs necessary for the system to function well in the future.


Once we’ve serviced your equipment, we keep records of all maintenance, repairs, or service calls using data to drive our recommendations and next steps. Energy consumption is always on our minds, so we can take responsibility for the environment, but also keep your energy bills as low as possible.

Common Problems That Require Emergency HVAC Services

Even though emergency commercial HVAC services can never be predicted, they can sometimes be prevented. By partnering with an experienced HVAC company, you’ll catch many of these problems before they become emergencies.

Inefficient Equipment

While we strive for a first-time fix instead of replacing your system, an old or inefficient HVAC system may be the reason for the emergency repair. Because inefficient equipment has to work harder to do the same job, it might fail earlier or more often, making your life more complicated calling for technicians and losing comfort of your clients. When we make an emergency call, our experienced team will work to solve your immediate problem quickly and will also offer a solution for improvements in the future.

Lack of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance may be the last thing on your mind, but that changes when a possibly simple fix early on turns into a crisis. Simply changing filters or replacing fluid can make all the difference in the care of your equipment. If you sign up for an AirLogix Maintenance Agreement you don’t need to worry about checking at all. Our experienced team will handle all the requirements and keep detailed records of any maintenance performed.

Extreme Temperatures

The last thing you need is your heating system failing during a blizzard or your air conditioner failing on a record-high summer day. When systems haven’t been regularly maintained or installed properly, the extra effort from the extreme temperatures may be too much. With preventative maintenance, you can be sure your equipment is ready when you need it most. And if you do have an emergency, the AirLogix team will respond quickly for service.