Commercial HVAC
Mechanical Contracting Services

From new mechanical construction projects to renovations, expansions, and upgrades, AirLogix is your trusted partner through the entire process.

Whether you’re working with a new construction project or expanding your current facility, you have a lot more on your plate than just the HVAC/R installation process. As your preferred mechanical contractors, AirLogix will handle the little details so you can focus on what you do best.

Commercial HVAC Mechanical Contracting Services

With our services, you can leave all of your HVAC and Refrigeration concerns to us. We’re the general contractors who’ll lead with full transparency through the process. Our highly qualified service technicians will sit down to problem solve with you for the most efficient service that’ll keep your facilities running well into the future.

Our mechanical contracting services include the following perks:

System Design

As a full-service HVAC mechanical contractor, AirLogix is licensed to provide the most efficient methods for building a system for your facility. We understand each facility is unique with its own set of design standards. That’s why we’ll collaborate with our trusted partners provide the load calculations, engineering, and drafting services to best accommodate your space.

Project Management

Once we’ve collaborated on a design, our project management team carefully oversees every part of the implementation process. Whether it’s through directing your organization’s subcontractors or offering expert advice to our own team members, you can rest assured knowing that your biggest mechanical contracting needs are being handled by a trusted individual with problem solving skills.

HVAC installation

Proper HVAC installation involves a lot of moving parts. From ordering ductwork to installing an air conditioning unit, our certified HVAC technicians ensure your new equipment is up to code and installed according to manufacturer specifications. After all, we want you to get the most out of your HVAC system.

Refrigeration installation

In addition to HVAC installation, we manage the mechanical contracting process for refrigeration install. If your facility is in the hospitality, pharmaceutical, or food service industry, you’ll need AirLogix to install and service your refrigerators to keep things safe and fresh.

We also offer industry-leading remote monitoring technology software with transparent record keeping. With AirLogix, you can check on your building’s refrigeration from any device at any time.

Upgrades & Expansions

If your system isn’t as efficient anymore, or you feel your facility has outgrown its current HVAC and refrigeration units, we can help you decide your next best steps. Our mechanical services are compatible with all of your HVAC needs, so whether you need a whole new compressor and ductwork system or you’re expanding your current one, you can come to us.

New Construction

Are you starting from scratch? We’ve got you covered with top-of-the-line commercial mechanical construction services. With our detailed engineering work, we’ll carefully calculate what needs to be done so you can be confident all your needs will be met long after the construction phase.

Special Projects

You may be seeking services that are a little out of the box. Thankfully, our expertise extends to more than the traditional HVAC and refrigeration services. We’re mechanical engineers who can provide specialty refrigeration and cooling systems like custom wine cellars and dry aging boxes. If you have a vision for a specific project or similar jobs, we can help bring your ideas to life.

Industries We Serve

Our status as expert mechanical contractors didn’t come from just anywhere. AirLogix has an extensive history with a variety of professional industries that has shaped who we are today. That’s why we’ll work with any commercial industry to satisfy their customers, employees, and key stakeholders.

We’ve worked with:

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Unlike other commercial HVAC mechanical contractors, AirLogix will always follow up with our clients after a completed project. Our certified technicians will go above and beyond to troubleshoot and service the equipment they’ve installed while maintaining the systems they’ve installed. Our trucks come fully-stocked, so when you call us about your faulty mechanical systems, you don’t have to wait for us to find the right parts.

With a service contract you can get bumped to the front of the line during emergencies, and even more efficient, our maintenance agreement accounts for the preventative servicing necessary for avoiding emergencies.

We’re all about maximizing your time and resources. That’s why we won’t sell you anything you don’t want or need. Our expertise ensures you have the best install for your needs.

Get started designing your dream project and contact us today.

“One of the things I look for in a Service Provider is responsiveness; for the last 10 years working with AirLogix I can say that they are one of my most responsive vendors, which is huge for me as I am constantly on the go from site to site. I also really appreciate the client portal access that provides real time photo and video progress of our jobs. I look forward to our continued success in NY and NJ.”

— Bill M, Developer

Our Work

Mechanical Contracting Mechanical Contracting Mechanical Contracting

What is a Mechanical Contractor?

Commercial HVAC mechanical contractors oversee the heating and cooling, refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical components of a construction project—essentially, all the mechanical elements. They partner with the other experts on the job, whether or not they work for the same company, to get everything installed on time and on budget.

At AirLogix, we have our own team ready to handle every aspect of the installation process, but we also collaborate with other service providers to get the work done. You can always count on our integrity and honesty to run the project well.

What Does a Mechanical Contractor Do?

They manage your whole HVAC project from start to finish! The responsibilities include managing staff on the construction project, monitoring the budget and other resources, and planning for any future maintenance according to the manufacturers used throughout the project. They’re also typically responsible for the install of all HVAC, refrigeration, electrical, and plumbing from design to implementation.

New Construction, Retrofit, or Redesign for Renovations

With over 30 years in business and a combined 300+ years of experience, the AirLogix contracting team will design an efficient system to stand the test of time. With new construction, designing from the ground up may seem like the easiest part, but it requires oversight of many different elements. We ensure you don’t miss anything, even in the electrical or plumbing aspects of the job.

Retrofitting an old system for eco-friendly heat pumps or simply replacing a system that has outlived its usefulness may require some reworking of ducts and units. The mechanical contractor coordinates the electrician and plumber, along with their own HVAC team so everything runs perfectly from the start and meets any new codes requirements.

During a renovation, some building owners may not realize their old HVAC system needs to be updated, as well. With more efficient materials being used in the construction, the load calculations may need reworking for the best use of time and money. In an expansion of your facility, the mechanical contractor will make sure you don’t overwork your existing system.

With experienced eyes on the project, nothing is overlooked.

The AirLogix Advantage

Our core values of innovation, organization, and excellence make us the best choice for mechanical contracting in the NYC, NJ and PA area. We keep all teams working together smoothly to finish on time and on budget.