Commercial Refrigeration Repair
and Install in NJ and New York

Find your best partner in commercial refrigeration repair & installation when you contact AirLogix for your system today.

We specialize in commercial refrigeration repair & installation, so you never need to worry whether you’re getting the best service for your business. With over 30 years of combined experience on our technician team, you’ll be confident in the suggestions we offer and the service we provide.

Commercial Refrigeration Systems We Service

Whatever commercial refrigeration unit you have in your facility, AirLogix will be able to repair and service in an emergency – oftentimes with a first-time fix – so you can keep up with business. Don’t trust your commercial refrigeration repair & installation to anyone else. As we are the best commercial refrigeration installers across NY and NJ.

  • Reach-in refrigerators & freezers
  • Dual-temp refrigerators & freezers
  • Walk-in coolers & freezers
  • Ice makers
  • Merchandiser refrigerators & freezers
  • Undercounter refrigerators & freezers
  • Display cases
  • Worktops
  • Bar refrigeration
  • Blast chillers
  • Ice cream equipment
  • …And much more!

We also partner with medical facilities that use refrigeration for vaccines and evidence. Our customized dashboards allow you to keep thorough records to ensure you don’t risk the safety of patients with compromised medicine. You can trust AirLogix with all your commercial refrigeration repair & installation needs.

Refrigeration Repair and Maintenance

As experts in commercial refrigeration repair & installation, we’ll be your partner beyond the design and build stages. After you’ve installed the perfect combination of refrigerators and freezers, you’ll need to maintain each unit to extend the lifespan and keep your energy bills low.

Emergency Service

The last thing you want is an emergency. With food safety and medical protocols on the line, our 24/7 call center will be ready to respond to your service request, and our technician will be on-site within two hours in our condensed service area.

Service Contracts

The AirLogix Service Contract guarantees you the best customer service, labor rates, and response times. When we visit your facility, we’ll inspect all HVAC and refrigeration to bring them up to manufacturer specs. From there, we’ll begin a customized maintenance plan for each component to keep it running efficiently.

If you do require commercial refrigeration repair, your monthly payment covers a portion of the labor rate to keep costs low, and you’ll cut to the front of the line for the fastest service.

Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance agreements ensure proper preventative maintenance takes place, so you don’t encounter an emergency. With proper cleaning and routine inspections, any repairs won’t come as a surprise.

Routine maintenance also keeps your equipment running efficiently and saving on utility bills.

“Peace of mind in knowing I can rely on Airlogix to keep my stores up and running throughout the year. Keeping my HVAC, Refrigeration and Ice Equipment in top shape and well maintained is key, and something I don’t have to think twice about with Airlogix. They’ve got me covered 24/7/365.”

— James K., Restaurateur

Our Work

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Types of Refrigeration Systems

All refrigerator systems, and even HVAC systems, work the same way – removing heat from the air and keeping it away. You might be surprised to learn that refrigerators (and air conditioners) do not create cold air, they transfer heat away from the space.

Most refrigeration units use the Mechanical Compression system to move refrigerant from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area. On the low-pressure side of the machine, the refrigerant boils at a low temperature, evaporates, and absorbs all the heat. When it travels to the high-pressure area, it turns back to a liquid, releases the heat, and returns to the low-pressure area to extract more heat from the area.

Components of Commercial Refrigeration Units

All refrigeration units, and most air conditioning systems, have the same components. Each piece must be maintained in order to keep the unit efficient.

The compressor is the most important part of the system, maintaining pressure throughout and pumping the warm refrigerant through the system to be cooled. The main cause of commercial refrigeration repair is a compressor overheating, typically due to lack of cleaning and maintenance.

The condenser cools down the refrigerant, returning it to a liquid to be pumped through the low-pressure area again to boil and collect warm air.

The evaporator keeps the refrigerator cool as the refrigerant removes the warm air through evaporation. The evaporator fan occasionally ices over, requiring servicing to keep the refrigerator or freezer at the right temperature.

The thermostat indicates to the compressor that more refrigerant needs to flow through the system to lower the temperature. If the thermostat stops functioning, your unit will also increase temperature quickly and need servicing.

Commercial Refrigeration Installations

Installing commercial refrigeration brings many variables. From the number of seats at a bar to the peak hours of operation and even your future plans for growth. AirLogix will help you plan the for walk in freezers, the appropriate ice machine, and refrigerated display cases so you’re ready for the next step.


AirLogix works collaboratively with the business owner and facilities manager to design the best layout for your commercial refrigeration equipment. We advise on the type of walk in cooler you may need – whether you need a top-mount, side-mount, or remote system – and then help you determine appropriate capacity and placement for efficiency.

Once you’re ready to install, we suggest the manufacturer with a record of long-lasting quality who will best suit your needs at this time.

Mechanical Contracting

Whether you’re building out new construction or renovating a space, we can handle all the mechanical details and subcontractors. With “Organized” as one of our core values, you can rely on us to manage the team of HVAC and refrigeration professionals well, coordinating necessary plumbing and electrical, so you don’t need to worry about any step of the process.

Retrofitting & Upgrades

Retrofitting and upgrades have their own set of challenges. In an older building, you may have space constraints that require customized solutions. AirLogix will help you foresee any issues while installing commercial refrigeration, so you can be prepared and educated as you proceed.

We also help you upgrade equipment when necessary. Sometimes you may realize that replacing a condenser is less costly than repairing the current one. As a trusted resource, the certified technicians at AirLogix will give you honest advice so you know which choice to make.

Ongoing Planned Maintenance

In order to keep your equipment functioning at peak performance, you’ll need to follow the manufacturer specifications for routine maintenance. If you have several refrigeration units, the list of service expectations can feel enormous. With an AirLogix maintenance agreement or service contract, we keep track of all your equipment and when it needs to be serviced. You’ll never need to think about it again.