Commercial Package and
Rooftop Units Repair and Installation

Save space and increase energy efficiency with rooftop units to heat and cool your facility.

Tight on space? Commercial package and rooftop units keep the air conditioning, heating, and air handler all in one packaged set on the exterior of the building. For office buildings and businesses, you can also place the unit on a flat roof to save even more space.

How Long Do Rooftop Units Last?

Like all HVAC systems, rooftop units have a range of lifespans from 5-20 years contingent on proper maintenance. If you maintain regular servicing according to manufacturer specifications, you’ll extend the life of your investment.

As you evaluate options, you may find a newer model will be more energy efficient and save money over your current commercial package and rooftop units. If the energy savings make up for the cost in replacement, it might be time for a new system.

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Benefits of Commercial Rooftop Units

Commercial package and rooftop units have grown in popularity for small to large businesses alike. Their many benefits and space-saving components make them a perfect fit for different styles of buildings. Talk to an expert at AirLogix today to find out if this unit would be the best fit for your facility.


Keeping these air conditioner units on the roof instead of around your building helps lower the sound pollution in the area for your customers. Depending on the size of the building you’re cooling, you could have large units by a back door or within ear shot of a retail entrance that typically disturbs the environment for your employees and customers. The packaged rooftop units keep the disruptive sounds away for a peaceful experience near your facility.

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance is one of the top benefits of these units. With all the components in one place, and all the units on the roof, technicians or facility personnel can easily keep up with preventative maintenance.

Saves Space

Not all buildings have accessible space on the side to house multiple compressors and air handlers. With commercial packaged and rooftop units, the components get off the ground and away from any foot traffic to a more efficient space on the roof.

Improved Air Quality

Rooftop units typically keep the indoor temperature low by using the outdoor air to cool things down. This allows for better ventilation and humidity control within the building, as well. Combine your thermostat with a humidistat for better control and happier customers or employees.

Improved Energy Efficiency

While rooftop unit models are available in SEER and AFUE ratings, they have plenty of energy efficient properties before purchasing these options. They typically provide heating and cooling for a smaller part of your building, giving you individualized control over the usage. If one space is empty for certain hours, but another is in use, you can adjust the schedule instead of running the full system.

Rooftop units also use outdoor air to control the indoor temperature through ventilation only possible on the roof. This means it uses less refrigerant than a standard HVAC system, requiring less from the motor.

Secure from Damage

Another popular reason to love rooftop units is their security. Keep our system safe from vandalism, theft, and damage on the roof of your building instead of ground level with pedestrian and vehicle threats.

How to Service a Rooftop AC

One of the great benefits of commercial package and rooftop units is the ease of maintenance and servicing. The technicians do not even need to enter your building, because all the components are on the flat roof. Additionally, all the units are located in one place (the roof!) so technicians can access everything at one time without interrupting business or office activity.

Check the Air Filters Often

Air filters are the first level of maintenance on every air conditioning system. Keeping them clean from debris easily increases the efficiency of the unit and improves air quality in the room. For commercial package and rooftop units, the air flow keeps the coil and heat exchanger at the correct temperature to prevent ice forming and keep the liquid refrigerant vaporizing correctly.

Clean the Drain Lines

If your packed unit is also regulating the humidity and air quality in your facility, the drain lines need to be clear at all times. While the clogged drain line may be a reason for an increased temperature, it primarily removes the water vapor from the air and reduces humidity.

Inspect & Replace Drive Belts

As with any product with a fan and motor, the belts need to remain at the correct tension without fraying and cracking in order to keep the temperature regulated. When the tension is too tight, the motor and bearings wear down quickly. Loss tension causes belts to slip and groove the pulleys, further damaging the system for the future.

While you should only need to replace belts annually, extreme temperatures and unit usage may require new components more often. This kind of maintenance greatly extends the lifespan of your HVAC system by protecting it from unnecessary wear and tear.

Lubricate Motor & Bearings

Keeping the motor and bearings lubricated prevents components from seizing and breaking down, further destroying other parts of the system. The manufacturer guidelines will specify how often these features need to be maintained, but the benefits of planning for preventative maintenance greatly outweighs the risk of ignoring these procedures.

If you and your team are too busy to keep track of the specifications for the many commercial package and rooftop units at your facility, call AirLogix to establish a maintenance agreement or service contract to stop emergencies before they happen.