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Heat Pump Retrofit: Improving Efficiency in Your Commercial Property


Heating systems need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years, with 5% to 6% needing to be retrofitted yearly. As a property manager, it is important to keep your heat pump upgraded so that you can keep your office space warm and improve energy savings.

Perhaps you need a heat pump retrofit. With this guide, you will find out all you need to know about it, why a retrofit is important, and the benefits of having one done.

Read on to find out more.

What Is a Heat Pump?

The purpose of a heat pump is to move heat from one area of commercial properties to another to keep heat within the whole building. Only a tiny amount of electrical energy is required so that the atmospheric heat is transferred from outside to inside.

When it is warmer, the heat pump gets used for:

  • Radiators
  • Floor heating
  • Ensuring hot water is in regular supply

When Is a Heat Pump Retrofit Needed?

Since heat pumps are environmentally friendly, a lot of commercial premises are looking to transfer from conventional HVAC systems over to heat pump retrofits instead. The optimal timing for this is when your current system dies.

Since you are already in a space where you need a new heating system, a heat pump is perfect. Whether it is a change in ductwork needed or compressors, heat pumps will be the right move for your office.

At AirLogix, we help you decide whether you need heat pump conversions for a particular part of your building or the whole one entirely. No matter what, we will be there to give you professional advice the whole way through, from start to finish.

What Are the Benefits of a Heat Pump Retrofit?

There are many advantages of a heat pump retrofit. Here are some of them so that you know it is a smart move for you:

  • They are cheaper than traditional HVAC systems despite the cost of installing them in the beginning
  • They have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years or more, so you will not need to replace them as often
  • Heat pumps improve the quality of your air
  • The noise they give off is low
  • Heat pumps are multi-functional and can be used as air conditioning when you need to cool your commercial property
  • They can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40% when compared to traditional heating methods
  • Delivering 4kWh of energy for every 1kWh of electricity used makes them 300% to 400% more efficient than conventional electrical means

Bigger-sized heat pumps are being retrofitted more so for commercial than non-commercial premises. They are used in schools, shops, and offices. Heat pump retrofits allow for a fresh, inventive way to keep heat in business buildings.

Make Your Life Easier by Booking Us for Your Heat Pump Retrofit

A Heat pump retrofit is when your traditional heating system is about to die. They have added benefits, including lasting longer, costing less overall, and being eco-friendly.

It is time to make the switch to a heat pump from our expert company. Request your estimate from us, and we will be there to do the rest. That way, your office will be kept at the right temperature all year around.

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