Commercial Heat
Pumps in NYC and NJ

Install energy-efficient heat pumps throughout your commercial property or retrofit existing systems with advice from the experts at AirLogix.

Most facility managers and property owners may associate heat pumps with residential HVAC systems, but they have many benefits in commercial settings, as well.

Heat Pump Services We Offer

AirLogix guides you through every step of installation, retrofitting, repairing, or maintenance for these popular, eco-friendly heat pump options.


One of the top reasons for installing commercial heat pumps is eliminating the furnace or boiler. These are a great option for areas that do not have access to natural gas, because building owners can cut costs without sacrificing comfort. Typically, these units are advertised for moderate or mild climates, but many commercial buildings only use air conditioning even in the winter.

If you’re installing heat pumps in new construction, AirLogix will help you determine if the cost for electric heating outweighs the other energy-saving benefits.


With heat pumps becoming the eco-friendly favorite, many businesses are looking to retrofit existing systems with these alternatives to traditional HVAC. AirLogix can help you make the best decision for your space: whether you need a combination of systems or heat pumps for the entire facility.

The best time to retrofit is when your existing system is already at the end of its life. You’re already looking to make a change, and you can find out whether the conversion in ductwork and compressors will be the difference you expect for your facility. No matter what you choose, we’ll give you transparent, expert advice to guide the process.


If your heat pump has not been producing heat or air, you can check a few different options for repair. When the thermostat has a diagnostic code, you can easily call AirLogix for emergency service response within two hours.

You should also look for ice buildup or any object covering the air vents throughout the facility. Before calling for service, you can also double check that all breakers are connected, and the thermostat has batteries.


Keeping up with the manufacturer requirements for heating and cooling systems can become a full-time job. With a maintenance agreement or service contract from AirLogix, we’ll bring all your units up to specifications and maintain that level of service. You’ll never worry about voiding the warranty through lack of maintenance.

You can easily check for obstructions around the filters, blowers, and drain pans. Keeping the system free from dust and dirt also ensures better air quality in your facility, and our team ensures refrigerant is not leaking.

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We also provide service contracts and maintenance agreements to extend the life of your system. As your partner in commercial HVAC, we’ll help you avoid emergencies so you can focus your attention on other parts of your business.

“Airlogix is a great company to work with, they operate with integrity and the customer at front of mind. I am so happy I chose them to build my warehouse and cold storage. I would recommend them highly.”

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Areas We Service

AirLogix works with any commercial facilities (hospitality, retail, industrial, office, institutions) within the NYC, NJ, and PA area. We have a condensed service area to meet emergency calls quickly, and existing clients within that area will receive a 2-hour emergency response time.

For our extended service area, we will partner with businesses on installations, retrofits, repairs, and maintenance of their systems.

We look forward to working with you and providing the best solution for your business. You’ll learn that we always do what’s right for the client: we don’t just sell you a replacement as an easy fix and a bigger sale. The AirLogix team values transparency and integrity above all.

Benefits of Commercial Heat Pumps

While you may be thinking that heat pumps can only be used in warmer climates, many large facilities need to run air conditioning regardless of the outdoor temperature. Meaning the heat pump can function as intended – pumping heat from the inside of the building to the outside – even when outdoor temperatures drop below 45 degrees.

Enhanced energy efficiency

Heat pump systems actually work well in northern climates because buildings can reduce their reliance on furnaces. Some rooms may need heat and furnaces, but the interior sections can use the simpler heat pump unit to run more efficiently. A large building would require a smaller commercial heating system when working in conjunction with the heat pump.

Reliable, long-term performance

The most important factor in reliability of your heat pump system is proper installation and maintenance. Your heat pump is an air conditioner that also provides heat, so in extremely hot climates the pump may experience more wear and result in a shorter lifespan.

In the NYC/NJ area, the more temperate climate ensures your system will last close to or longer than 15 years.

Reduced carbon emissions

If you choose to eliminate your gas-powered furnace completely, you’ll most likely lower your carbon footprint the most with heat pumps. When the temperature drops below 45 degrees, these pumps switch to using electric heat. While this is usually the more expensive heating option, electricity can be sourced by renewable resources while furnaces require fossil fuels.

Many environmentalists consider heat pumps more eco-friendly because they produce both hot and cold air, as opposed to most systems primarily offering one or the other.

Improved indoor air quality

When heating with forced hot air through a duct system, any dust particles or debris lining the ducts will get pushed through the system and into your air. Heat pumps can operate without ducts, so freshly filtered air stays clean as it travels throughout the building.

While typically a bigger problem, the air quality can be compromised by a gas leak or exhaust when heating with gas or oil.