The AirLogix Advantage

Keeping the customer first at all costs.

Stop worrying about HVAC or refrigeration with a reliable partner who values transparency. Your project or repair will be done right the first time, and we’ll give you analytics as you grow to easily monitor your equipment from anywhere.

Customized Solutions

No project, customer, or facility is identical, and you shouldn’t settle for cookie cutter solutions. At AirLogix, all of our solutions come from an evaluation of your specific facility, so we can provide the most energy efficient and effective options.

Innovative Technology

Develop analytics as you grow with our custom dashboard tracking energy usage and service calls, giving you a CFO in your pocket for all your equipment. Monitor and control all your units from anywhere in the world to give you peace of mind.

Streamline Your Vendors

As your partner in HVAC and refrigeration, we make your life easier with one contact for all your needs. With a personalized maintenance agreement or service contract, we’ll take care of all your heating, cooling, and refrigeration needs at one time on schedule… so you never need to think about it.

First-Time Fix

With your best interests in mind, we often find a fix instead of recommending replacement for your equipment investments. While some HVAC/R competitors are looking for the next sale, we’ll look for the manufacturer warranty to help you save money.

Accountability & Transparency

We believe in personal responsibility for outcomes and letting you hold us accountable for the work we complete. Let us be your trusted resource and reliable partner in everything heating, cooling, and refrigeration.


Our commercial heating and cooling systems make your job easier with expert advice and quality service.


Keep food and refrigerated goods at the correct temperature for safety, compliance, and peace of mind.


Avoid the discomfort of a heating or cooling emergency with proactive maintenance and servicing.