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Save money with energy efficient ductless heating and cooling systems installed by AirLogix.

If you’re looking for a partner in ductless system installation and repair, we’ll help you choose the most reliable manufacturer and maintain the system to extend its lifespan.

Manufacturers That We Service

While these are the most popular manufacturers for ductless system installation and repair requests, our certified technicians troubleshoot and repair issues in every manufacturer’s units throughout the NYC/NJ area.

Why Choose AirLogix for Your Ductless Systems?

The great thing about a ductless system is that you won’t need all the space required for ductwork! And at AirLogix, we’ll help you make the best choice for ductless system installation and repair.

The Customer Comes First

If you already have a duct system in your building, we’ll help you make the best decision about whether or not to install a ductless system. You should have all the information you need to make an informed decision for your own business, and we aren’t looking to just make a big sale with your decision. Our clients view us as a trusted resource for decisions, and we will give you the honest reasons to switch (or maybe keep your traditional HVAC system).

Quick Install

As experts in ductless system installation and repair, we often install units within a day. Because the ductwork typically takes the most time during installation, eliminating that step makes these mini- or multi-split units a favorite for commercial buildings needing a quick solution.

Professional Troubleshooters

Unfortunately, some business owners may replace a system, even when there’s an opportunity for repair. Our factory-certified technicians have plenty of experience identifying and repairing issues with these systems. We strive for and achieve a first-time fix for most of our projects.

Remote Monitoring

As your tech-forward and data-driven partner in commercial HVAC systems, we offer remote monitoring for all the systems in every building through a secure dashboard. Since ductless systems have the opportunities for advanced zoning and energy efficiency, monitoring each zone of your facility from anywhere in the world can definitely save you money.

Preventative Maintenance

Follow those manufacturer guidelines to get the longest lifespan out of your units. We’ll keep track of those requirements for each of your units and maintain them as often as necessary. With our transparent record keeping, you’ll see every note and task performed on the equipment throughout our time servicing it.

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“Airlogix is a great company to work with, they operate with integrity and the customer at front of mind. I am so happy I chose them to build my warehouse and cold storage. I would recommend them highly.”

—  Eric M., Owner, Manufacturing

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How to Know When Your Ductless System Needs Repair

While regular maintenance will catch many of these issues before they occur, any of these could be a sign that your system needs to be repaired sooner rather than later.

The Unit Isn’t Producing Cold Air

Preventative maintenance can help solve this common problem. In many cases, the unit is dirty inside or the drains are clogged, and refrigerant can’t properly cool the air before blowing. Like any heating or cooling system, keeping the filters clean will greatly improve performance and the temperature should be accurate.

Each manufacturer will recommend the best time increments for cleaning the air filter, but you should also check that no dirt and debris has clogged the outdoor unit.

Leaking Fluid

Because a ductless mini-split or multi-split unit relies on refrigerant instead of ducts to cool the air, losing refrigerant fluid needs to be addressed right away. With longer drain lines, the system may be leaking fluid in a hard-to-reach spot, so regular maintenance will help notice the problem before it becomes larger. However, because each unit works independently, only one room or space will notice the problem, instead of an entire building warming up when the traditional air conditioner leaks.

The Unit Won’t Turn On

This is typically an issue with the power supply, not the unit. Be sure to check everything is plugged in, the breaker hasn’t tripped, and the batteries in the remote are charged. Very rarely, the problem is a burnt out compressor or electrical problem which may require some part replacements.

Odor Coming from the Unit

This problem is less likely, as well, and a sign of not maintaining the unit as often as necessary. If the drain lines have clogged enough that mold and dirt have compromised air quality, the unit must be serviced thoroughly. In a commercial ductless system, the drain lines can be lengthy and professional servicing and cleaning may be required to eliminate the dirt. Typically, in a residential unit, the homeowner would be able to clean the drain line and filter themselves.

Advantages of Ductless Systems and VRV

More and more contractors, business owners, and facility managers turn to installing a ductless system for their HVAC. It’s easy to see why!

Energy Efficiency

Many times, these units have a SEER rating over 20, making them the most efficient air conditioning systems on the market. Without the high cost of ductwork and the loss of air traveling through those ducts, the system easily achieves a great cost to cooling ratio.

Flexible Zoning

Part of the energy efficiency is the flexible zoning permitted with a ductless system. With a multi zone system, you never need to cool empty areas of your building. The unit can be turned completely off (or the temperature changed as necessary) while you focus on the areas with guests or employees.

Easy Install

These units also save time and money during the installation because you eliminate the extensive cost of designing efficient ductwork patterns throughout the facility. Technicians can typically install the units within a day or two, saving costs on labor as well.

Design Options

Even though each room or zone will have a unit, these distribution units come in a variety of sizes and designs. Some hang in the ceiling, while others are on the wall or floor. You’ll be able to find a placement that balances the cost and energy benefits with the design aesthetic you’re looking to achieve, as well.

Some manufacturers even have an “art gallery option” for their indoor blower units to look like a frame for a custom photo or digital art print.

No Duct Leaks!

Without ducts, you have the additional benefit of blowing all the cool air into the room, instead of losing approximately 20-30% of air through duct leaks in a traditional central air system.