Commercial HVAC Maintenance
in NYC & NJ

Don’t wait for equipment to fail before servicing – design a comprehensive maintenance agreement to catch problems before they happen and save you money.

Take routine maintenance off your to-do list with the AirLogix commercial HVAC maintenance agreements. We follow up on manufacturer-specified tasks and industry best practices, so you never have to worry about dirt build-up or refrigerant leaks.

Design Your Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement with AirLogix

Ready to save money and extend the life of your equipment? Learn more about our commercial HVAC/R maintenance agreements and commercial HVAC service contracts by talking to our comfort specialists and build a comprehensive plan today.

Difference Between a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement & a General Service Contract

AirLogix does have two regular maintenance options for building owners and businesses – the maintenance agreement and the general service contract. Both will be customized for your specific needs and equipment but meet needs differently.


Priority Service Calls

The maintenance agreement focuses primarily on the regular upkeep of your equipment to prevent emergencies. With a commercial HVAC service contract, your emergencies or service requests will be pushed to the front of the line, so you aren’t left waiting.


White Glove Service

Both service plans give you access to our transparent and trusted technician team. Whether you have new construction or a newly installed unit, we’ll look at every element of the equipment and property to ensure efficiency.


Reduced Labor Rates

With commercial HVAC service contracts, your monthly service fee covers portions of the labor rates when you do have a service call or emergency. The maintenance agreement covers the manufacturer-specified monthly or quarterly tasks and keeps you up-to-date on any potential problems in order to schedule a repair (before it’s an unscheduled emergency).

Ready to Get Started?

Get the Most Out of Your Equipment

Improve air quality and comfort by keeping up-to-date with the maintenance tasks required for your HVAC systems and refrigerators. You’ll be confident that your systems can take the heat (or the cold) on the toughest days with consistent check-ins and preventative servicing.

Manufacturer Specifications

Each piece of equipment has different manufacturer specifications, and if your property has multiple heating and air conditioning units, you’ll need to remember each of them. You might need regular filter or belt replacement, coil cleaning, drain line clean outs. You need a partner to keep track of those specifications, so you can do what you do best.

Preventative Maintenance Contract

Any of those simple issues – filter replacements or equipment inspections – can ultimately cause an emergency if ignored. In fact, forgetting to clean regular dirt buildup from your condenser coil can cause a complete failure with need for replacement.

Preventative maintenance saves you money in the long run because you can catch issues before they happen and eliminate last minute charges your business wasn’t expecting.
With a maintenance agreement, you can plan ahead when repairs are necessary instead of waiting for a service technician to arrive while your AC unit is failing, and the building is getting hotter.

Energy Cost Savings

You will also save money with your commercial HVAC/R maintenance agreement through energy savings. When your equipment is clean and up to manufacturer specifications, it doesn’t work as hard when operating. What you spend on routine maintenance or energy management systems you save even more on your energy bills.

Maximize Your Equipment’s Lifespan

When installing an air conditioning or refrigeration system, you want to make that purchase last as long as possible. To maximize the lifespan of this equipment, you need to follow the routine maintenance requirements. Many maintenance plans help keep warranties in place and catch when a warranty may cover a repair. With equipment at peak performance, your customers stay comfortable and your food stays fresh.

Prevent Problems Before They Arise

When we design commercial HVAC/R maintenance agreements, we’re looking to prevent equipment failures caused by easily prevented problems. These simple tasks could have prevented most emergencies or help your equipment run more efficiently every day:

  • Filter cleaning and replacement: While this seems like the simplest task, it’s often forgotten or overlooked. Making sure your filters aren’t clogged helps increase your machine efficiency by 15% to extend its life and lower your energy bill.
  • Clean out clogged drain lines: The main cause of leaking HVAC units is a clogged drain line. Leaking units can cause extensive water damage to walls and ceilings (or even the ceiling falling down), which costs time in repairs and store closure.
  • Keep all fans and bearings moving: Without a lubricant for the motor of your HVAC unit, extra friction will break down parts faster. The whole machine needs to run smoothly in order to stay efficient and maximize the lifespan of your system.


Many of the same problems face refrigerators with motors trying to keep food safe and cool. Don’t waste food from inefficient refrigeration, and don’t risk your customers health and safety when a little cleaning and preventative maintenance could save you time and money.

Industries We Serve in New Jersey and New York City

We’ll develop a Commercial HVAC/R Maintenance Agreements for most businesses, commercial, and industrial properties in the NJ/NYC area. With an HVAC maintenance agreement in place, you’ll have fewer emergencies and will watch your equipment run more efficiently than ever before.


Stores and shopping centers rely on air conditioning and heating systems to keep shoppers comfortable and air quality clean. When a system fails, customers spend less time making purchases as they move on to the next comfortable shop.

Hospitality & Restaurants

from AC units in hotel rooms to walk-in refrigerators, a maintenance agreement will give you the peace of mind that the food you serve is fresh and each room is the right temperature for guests.


Large warehouse spaces and distribution centers require large units to keep the temperature regulated. Make sure everything runs efficiently with maintenance plans and regular service calls.


Keeping students, staff, patients, and inmates comfortable is critical for achieving your organizations goals. With air quality top of mind, your HVAC filters need to be cleaned often to ensure safety and efficiency at school and work.