Commercial Walk-in Cooler
& Freezer Repair in NJ & NYC

AirLogix is your trusted source for walk-in cooler and commercial freezer repair & installation.
We serve our clients with integrity and excellence to become a trustworthy partner in the industry.

Commercial refrigeration equipment is an investment for any restaurant, and the risks when food is kept at the wrong temperature not only affects food spoiling, but also the health and safety customers. Trust your commercial cooler & freezer repairs and regular maintenance to an expert.

Commercial Freezer and Cooler Installations

AirLogix will become your partner in walk-in cooler and commercial freezer repair & installation right from the beginning. Our team helps you through the whole process of building your refrigerator and installing the compressor units.

On many freezers or coolers, the refrigeration systems are outside the building, so the warm air released from the compressor doesn’t build up indoors. Other types of systems are on top of the walk-in cooler or on the side.

The benefit of building your own walk-in cooler or commercial freezer comes in the customization to your space and location needs. While you can purchase a fully-assembled box and hire the AirLogix install service to work on the motor and get it running, you can also build and seal the insulated walls yourself to the exact specifications you need.

Types of Commercial Freezers We Service

While walk-in freezers serve the purpose for food storage and inventory, your shop may have additional freezers needing service, as well. As your walk-in cooler and commercial freezer repair & installation partners, we can help arrange a contract to keep everything up and running efficiently.


Walk-In Freezers

The walk-in freezer allows your restaurant or retail store to prepare for the weeks or months ahead by keeping food fresh until needed. In order to maintain these units, request an estimate for a service contract or maintenance agreement.


Chest Freezers

Your business may only keep a few items frozen in inventory, and a chest freezer could be a better option for your space needs. Although a smaller investment, these units still need to be running efficiently to keep your energy bills as low as possible. Keep the compressor clean and cool with help from our freezer repair service.


Display Freezers

With customers reaching in to get their own ice cream or frozen products, display freezers can become inefficient very quickly. Located in the store-front with more dust and dirt from foot-traffic, you’ll need to be extra careful to keep the coil clean and temperatures low.

Brands We Service

Choose AirLogix for your Walk-in Cooler and Commercial Freezer Repair & Installation

If you have on-site ice machines at your facility, AirLogix can service the parts on those machines, as well as your commercial hvac systems. With our team of expert technicians, you won’t need to find multiple vendors for each piece of equipment. We’ll become your trustworthy, one-stop partner for restaurant or retail commercial refrigeration services.

“I have been working with Airlogix for over 10 years, they have built most of my restaurants and maintain all the HVAC-R in them. They are my trusted partners for over a decade and they always come through on time and within budget. They’re reliable, and reasonable, they always do the right thing and thats why I am a happy customer.”

—  Thanos A., Vice President, Operations

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Commercial Freezer Repairs vs. Replacement

Your commercial refrigeration system is an investment, and you don’t want to jump to replacement before you need to. Some common issues are easily prevented through routine maintenance, while other elements will be cheaper to replace than service.

Common Commercial Refrigeration Issues

Are you experiencing any of these problems? It might be time to set up a maintenance agreement or call a certified technician for walk-in cooler and commercial freezer repair & installation today.

Temperature Too High
The first indication of a refrigeration problem is the temperature. When temperatures start to go up, you’ll notice food spoiling quickly, and run the risk of serving that food to customers.

You’ll want to ensure your thermometers are reading the correct temperature, but then call a commercial refrigeration repair service to check the motor and other parts of the system. This could be something as simple as clogged lines, or it could be evidence of a condenser failing.

Clogged Drain Line
Regular maintenance can prevent many problems before they happen, and the most common of these is the clogged drain line. The drain line helps with defrosting and keeps the refrigerator at the proper temperature. When the water cannot drain or defrost properly, the machine can ice up or run less efficiently.

Dirty Compressor
Each manufacturer will recommend a maintenance plan for the refrigerator compressor to be cleaned, sometimes as often as every 90 days. When dust, grease, hair or dirt build up in the compressor, it becomes too hot to keep your refrigerator cool!

Strange Noises
Your home refrigerator or freezer makes different sounds than your commercial equipment, but too many noises can indicate a larger problem. Typically, these will be mechanical problems, and a technician will help you find the source of the problem in order to repair it.

Iced-Over Evaporator Fan
The first sign that your evaporator fan needs repair is ice buildup in the freezer. First, you’ll need to turn off the unit and melt the ice on the evaporator itself, then clean off the fan and ensure drain lines are not clogged.

When is it time to replace?

The cost of replacing walk-in coolers or a commercial freezer seems to exceed a repair, but the advice of our certified technicians can put your mind at ease as you make the decision. The team at AirLogix values integrity and trustworthiness overall, and we will look towards a fix before suggesting a costly replacement.

Many times, you will only be replacing the condenser or parts of the motor, rarely the body of the refrigerator, and that cost will most likely be less than a repair. If you have an older refrigerator, some supplies may be no longer available due to regulation changes, and replacement might be the only option.

Study your costs – from energy bills to repair costs – and see how much you save when replacing vs. repairing one of the common issues.