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The Complete Guide to a Successful Commercial HVAC System Design


The average yearly low for New York City is 28°F. That’s cold! And winter temperatures in New York could get even colder than that.

So if you own a business in New York, you should probably get a quality commercial HVAC system. This will keep your workers and customers comfortable throughout the winter season.

But how do you know if you’re outfitting your business with the right HVAC system? This article will help you figure that out. Read on to learn everything you need to know about commercial HVAC system design.

Best HVAC Unit Features

Not all HVAC systems are the same. They can have different sizes and features. What HVAC features are right for your commercial HVAC system?

It all depends on your business building’s needs. When designing HVAC units, business owners need to carefully consider possible features. Research these features, consider your business’s needs, and make a list.

Do you have a room with lots of technology and another with offices? If so, you may want to get an HVAC system that allows you to set different temperatures for each room. This can help you protect your technology but keep workers comfortable.

Right HVAC System Size

It’s important to get the size of your commercial HVAC system right. If your HVAC system is too big, there will be hot and cold spots in your business building. If your HVAC system is too small, it will eat up a ton more energy than necessary.

There are some calculations that you can go through. You can find out more about these through online research. Most of it involves measuring the square footage of your building and other needs.

But it may be best to get a professional HVAC technician to do the calculations for you. They’ll give you the most accurate readings. If you do it yourself, you’ll likely make mistakes and not get the system you need.

Proper Commercial HVAC Installation

To get the best commercial HVAC installation, you need to get the best HVAC technician. To get the best technician, you need to do thorough research. Read online reviews, check experience levels, etc.

You may also want to research how well your technician performs HVAC system maintenance. You need this service to prevent yourself from replacing HVAC systems every year or so. It’s best to get all your HVAC services from one company.

Get Commercial HVAC System Design Help

Once you follow these steps, you should be able to get the right commercial HVAC system design. Then your workers and customers will have the perfect temperatures to enjoy. Good luck and make sure that you keep your HVAC system well-maintained.

Also, if you need help with designing HVAC units in New York State, try our services. We at Airlogix serve the NYC, NJ, and PA areas. We offer expert installation solutions as well as several other HVAC services.

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