RTEM - Real Time Energy Management

What’s RTEM and Why Should You Care?


Do you think about how much energy you’re consuming by running your business? Your HVAC system can be much more efficient than you know, saving you money and helping the environment in the long run. It may be time to update your system so that you can reap the benefits of an energy-efficient HVAC system. Learn more about how your business can benefit from an updated HVAC and a real-time energy management (RTEM) system.


NY State Energy Research and Dev Authority (NYSERDA) offers an NYSERDA real-time energy management program. The incentives offered by NYSERDA include a 30% reduction in installation costs when you choose RTEM. By using cutting edge technology, the program is installed in commercial facilities to collect data into the cloud and predict and adjust the HVAC system. The data is used to best adjust according to extreme weather changes or reveal inefficiencies in an HVAC system.

With the NYSERDA RTEM program, qualified companies are reaping the benefits of savings while also reducing their energy usage by at least 40% – as they were challenged to do according to the Mayor’s Green New Deal by 2030. This challenge will also be enforced in local law 97 starting in 2025, so it’s best to be prepared.


The RTEM project is important because it decreases energy usage in commercial buildings and reduces energy costs. By using predictive analytics, RTEM can help the HVAC systems in commercial buildings run most efficiently. One company that implemented RTEM was contacted by their utility company to see if their meter was broken – that’s how significant the savings are.

If you are looking to be competitive with the new construction and want tenants who value energy-efficiency, then RTEM is for you. You can improve your Energy Star score and become LEED certified when you have RTEM installed in your commercial building. Then you can advertise those accolades when you are looking for new tenants in your building.


If you are considering a real-time energy management system in your commercial building, consider all of the benefits that come with it. Besides the cost savings, there are environmental benefits as well.

These are the top benefits of RTEM:

  • All the benefits of any building automation system while collecting data for even better adjustments
  • Performance-optimized system to adjust to extreme changes in weather
  • Competitive with new builds in your industry
  • Energy consumption management that takes the least effort from you
  • Identifies faulty HVAC systems before becoming a costly issue

When looking into RTEM for your commercial building, it is easy to decide that the system is the most up-to-date and modern automation system that uses real-time data to save you money. Do not hesitate to reap the benefits for your commercial building.


NYSERDA offers an incentive program for those who go with RTEM for their commercial buildings. You can receive 30% savings in your RTEM installation when you enter the NYSERDA real-time energy management RTEM program.

What does a 30% cost-share incentive mean?

NYSERDA will split the cost with your company when it comes to RTEM installation. With this cost-share incentive, 30% of your costs will be covered in the program for all eligible expenses during your RTEM project installation.

Will we have to pay costs upfront and apply for a rebate?

No, you do not have to pay the 30% cost upfront. 30% of all eligible expenses are guaranteed at the beginning. So you will not be waiting for your rebate after having to come up with the cash yourself for the part covered by NYSERDA.

What qualifies for RTEM project expenses?

The expenses covered by the NYSERDA offer are all hardware, installation costs, and ongoing support of your system for 5 years. This incredible coverage will only help you take the steps you need toward energy savings in your commercial business.

Do we need to use specific vendors to install the RTEM system?

Part of the RTEM program includes choosing one of the NYSERDA-qualified vendors for your installation. The vendor will assess your site. And then, you will submit your NYSERDA RTEM program application. Upon approval, you can install your RTEM system and receive your 30% incentive reward.

Are There Any Other Incentives For Installing an RTEM System?

Yes, there are other state and federal incentives for implementing energy-efficient systems in your commercial building. There are rebates, tax incentives, grants, and loans available, depending on if your business qualifies.

Among the other incentives for RTEM installation are simple RTEM solutions that will cut your commercial building’s cost. HVAC takes up 25% of the cost of maintaining a commercial building. Other benefits include tenant satisfaction, advertising and marketing benefits of your modern system, and reducing your carbon footprint.

How is RTEM Connected to Local Law 97?

Before we answer this question, what is local law 97? Passed in 2019 as part of Mayor DeBlasio’s Green New Deal, local law 97 challenges all covered businesses to reduce their carbon emissions by 40%. Starting in May 2025, the LL97 will begin to be implemented. All companies are given the time to prepare their systems to meet this goal. In May 2025, each business will file a Greenhouse Gas Emission report to show that they are in compliance with local law 97.

What’s the Difference Between RTEM and BMS?

A building management system also uses advanced technology to set up automated systems in your commercial building to save energy. The difference between RTEM and BMS is that RTEM provides data to be proactive in saving energy during weather swings and identifying if the systems and services become faulty or inefficient. RTEM can be considered an extension of your existing BMS, and they can work hand-in-hand.

In many BMS systems, a change has to be manually implemented. An RTEM system will use artificial intelligence to make the changes automatically. RTEM loads the data to the cloud, and all of the system functions can be accessed at the touch of one screen.

You can be alerted if there is an unusual output of energy. This will save you from the money wasted by an unknown leak in the HVAC ductwork or faulty communication in the automation setup.

What Types of Businesses Benefit from RTEM Systems?

Businesses in multiple sectors have experienced tangible advantages after incorporating this type of system. This list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Commercial real estate
  • Industrial facilities
  • Retail businesses
  • Educational structures
  • Multi-family buildings

If RTEM is right for your business, know that this modern update will only add value to your company. You can contact AirLogix to find out more about the benefits that are specific to your commercial building. Think about resale benefits when you have a building that is updated with the latest technology in energy-saving.


The many benefits that come with installing an RTEM system are available for your business. To determine whether it is a system in which you are interested, consider RTEM if:

  • You are about to install a building automation system.
  • Your system has inefficiencies leading to increased utility bills.
  • You want to stay competitive with new buildings going up around you.
  • You want to manage all energy systems on one screen.
  • You need to identify any faulty systems sucking up energy within your building.
  • You would like to use AI to enhance your energy savings based on data.

If an RTEM system is right for you, then take the steps toward applying to the NYSERDA RTEM program. First, you can choose an NYSERDA-approved vendor. Then, have the vendor assess your facility. Turn in the application to get it approved. And then install RTEM and reap the benefits of 30% cost-share with NYSERDA. This incentive program is meant to motivate you to update the efficiency of your energy use. And consequently, it will get your business ready for local law 97 when it is implemented in 2025.

With the incentives in place and all of the benefits ready for your business, what are you waiting for? Contact a trusted RTEM vendor today to get started. If you have questions, an expert team can answer any concerns you may have.


At AirLogix, we can assess your building and lay out the precise savings you will receive from installing an RTEM system. If your company cares about reducing its carbon footprint and bringing in monetary savings combined with environmental benefits, then make a move to RTEM today. Do not forget to ask about the NYSERDA incentive program and collect your 30% from NYSERDA for their part of your qualified expenses.

If you have questions about energy savings programs, AirLogix can help you find out if your company will benefit. It is vital to keep your HVAC system efficient to keep costs down. When you take the steps toward saving energy, there are other benefits that you can enjoy. Contact us today and receive a free estimate. Take a look at our maintenance agreements to get an idea of what we can offer your business.

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