HVAC Maintenance

Reasons Why Proper HVAC Maintenance Saves You Money.


Every complex mechanical machinery requires regular maintenance to perform at the optimum levels. Failure to service the system results in malfunction or a drop in performance. Consider our human body, a complex assembly of various body parts, and if we don’t exercise over time, our body starts to malfunction. 

Similarly, protective maintenance is the first and crucial step in obtaining the maximum service from any system. To allay doubts about regular HVAC maintenance, we have listed seven benefits of timely servicing of your system.

Reduced Working Costs, Fewer Repairs Costs:

Regular maintenance of the HVAC unit allows a trained technician to inspect, lubricate, and fine-tune the parts of the system. A professional can repair or replace faulty parts before a malfunction and major costs occur.

Maintenance also ensures that your HVAC doesn’t break down mid-summer, when you most need it, and keeps your system fit and prepared to deliver at optimum levels and make the most of its resources.

Increased Longevity of the Unit:

Fine Tuning, regular clean-up, and lubrication increase the life and longevity of a mechanical system. An unclean fan or dirty filter makes the HVAC work harder than to circulate air. 

Lubrication of the fan belt ensures reduced corrosion and lesser friction. Maintenance professionals take care of these minor issues and increase the longevity and life of your unit.

Better Indoor Air Quality:

Unclean filters cannot effectively filter the air of particulates and contaminants. These particles can circulate inside your spaces and trigger sinuses, allergies, and asthma symptoms. A clouted filter also leaves animal dander, pollen, and bacteria unchecked.

A professional technician replaces your air filter, which improves air quality in circulation and what you breathe.

Improved Safety for Your Family and You:

Regular maintenance keeps tabs on the wiring, leaks, and short circuits in the HVAC. A blowout may be dangerous in homes, especially with children.

Intense heat and humidity are also hazardous during summers, and a smooth running HVAC ensures safety from heat.

Lower Utility Bills:

An efficiently running HVAC means lower utility bills. A clean and lubricated system doesn’t have to overwork to cool the space. A trained and expert service member will calibrate the thermostat settings to optimum levels. The thermostat is the most important part of the HVAC when adjusting the temperature levels. Even a minor change of 2 degrees can have a major impact on reducing utility bills.

Eco Friendly- Less Fuel Consumption:

The good Samaritans should opt for regular maintenance of the HVAC. A well-maintained system consumes less fuel which is beneficial for the environment. A knowledgeable and trained technician will also suggest options available for thermostats and refrigerants, which will enable the reduction of carbon footprint. 

Peace of Mind- Stay Covered Under Warranty:

Most HVAC manufacturers require annual service and maintenance proof when a repair claim is submitted under warranty. Some parts in the HVAC are extremely expensive, and investing in an annual maintenance program ensures peace of mind and coverage under warranty.

AirLogix Benefits:

AirLogix offers hassle-free, expert, and prompt service, affordable prices, exceptional quality, and an experience of over 30 years in sales, installation, and maintenance of residential and commercial HVACs’. AirLogix provides customized and customer-friendly service packages to ensure swift and expert maintenance of your HVAC.

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