Commercial Refrigerator Service- When and Why?


Commercial refrigerators have become an essential part of the food and beverage industry. The dependency on storing and keeping leftover or extra food in a hygienic stowage space has made the refrigerator an indispensable contraption in the food industry. Commercial Refrigerator Service or Repair becomes an essential activity to keep the device’s efficiency intact.

Commercial refrigerators adopt the same mechanics as that of domestic refrigerators and are scaled to preserve larger proportions and are made more durable than the domestic refrigerator because of the excess usage.

Refrigerators have become vital in the food and beverage industry; whether you need a sip of a cold drink in the hot weather or want to preserve or freeze your food for later consumption, it all depends on the refrigerator. 

When should Commercial Refrigerator Service be done?

Most commercial refrigerators are built to last and seldom require attention. But refrigerators are energy-dependent and a frequent service will help preserve the cooling and enhance the working of the refrigerator while minimizing the energy resources.

Here are a few signs indicating it’s time for commercial refrigerator service or repair.

1.Temperature Change:

Temperature changes in the refrigerator, whether external or internal, are a certain indicator of a malfunctioning refrigerator. Warm air leaking through the refrigerator or condensation is usually accompanied by a temperature change and requires urgent attention to prevent failure of the unit functionality.
Ensure your thermostat settings are set for optimal usage or arrange for a service or repair of the unit by a professional and experienced service provider.

2. External Ice Crystallization:

Counter to general belief, external ice crystallization on your commercial refrigerator is not a good sign for your unit. A fault with your refrigerator’s internal temperature creates ice crystals on the exterior regions such as doors, evaporator coils, or interior back wall.

3. Malfunctional Doors:

Due to excessive use, it is quite common for door seals and gaskets in commercial refrigerators to get worn out faster than the units at home. If the refrigerator door jams or you face trouble while closing the door, it is time to get the door seals repaired or replaced. Door seals are an important component in the refrigeration unit as they lock in the cold air and help keep the food fresh and healthy within the refrigerator unit. Any sign or fault in the door seals should be promptly taken care of.

4. Noisy Unit:

A well-tuned commercial refrigerator works with a low humming sound. And changes in sound or the decibel level depict an improper functioning of the refrigerator. An extremely quiet or noisy unit is always associated with a malfunctioning refrigeration system. 

What is the lifespan of a commercial refrigerator?
Should you repair or replace your existing commercial refrigerator?

The life span of a good commercial refrigerator is approximately 15 years. Whether you should repair or replace your commercial refrigerator depends on several conditions.

1. Age of the refrigerator.

2. Nature of repairs to the unit

3. Cost of the repairs to the unit.

4. Magnitude of use of the unit.

5. Frequency of repairs needed to the refrigerator.



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