Providing Quality School Heating Systems

Your students, staff, and faculty deserve to work and learn in an environment with good air quality and acceptable heating and cooling. AirLogix offers expert HVAC services that cover installation, preventative maintenance, and speedy emergency response.

We Offer the Best HVAC Services for Schools in NY and NJ

Indoor air quality issues are plaguing the nation’s public schools. AirLogix is leading the charge with HVAC systems that address common air filtration and temperature issues. With our services, parents and guardians in the greater New York and New Jersey areas can rest assured knowing their students are avoiding pollutants that contribute to asthma and other ailments.


We install ventilation systems that work according to current industry standards. In schools, air quality is affected by lots of different factors. First, schools are densely populated and have lots of particles coming in from clothing, as well as open doors and windows. Additionally, older school buildings are naturally prone to harboring dirt and dust that eventually clog vents.

To combat this, AirLogix uses temperature control and other tactics like installing exhaust fans to assist the ventilation process. We consider the rate at which air circulation should occur to better control aspects like humidity and air pressure. As we bring in as much outdoor air as possible, we create a safer environment for your students.


Filtration is very similar to ventilation, but instead of focusing on bringing in outside air, our filtration methods deal with how air quality gets controlled. They filter the nasty foreign objects like pollen and dust out of the air to encourage better breathing and minimize the chance of illness.

The industry-backed HEPA filter designs included in our HVAC services target air vents and airflow systems, which are the primary method of transportation for pathogens. These systems are designed to catch the most minuscule particles so that the bacteria and other viruses schools tend to accumulate don’t get the chance to spread.

Air Conditioning and School Heating Systems

When you reach out to us for HVAC installation services at your institution, we ensure your building gets equipped with a practical yet energy-efficient system.

Schools are large commercial buildings that brave the harshest weather conditions all year round. The fall and winter weather brings unpleasantly cooler temperatures that increase the need for sufficient heating. Similarly, students and teachers working in the classroom during summer school can easily find the sweltering heat and humidity unbearable.

Our technicians understand the unique needs institutions have. That’s why before we even set up our HVAC equipment, we consult with our clients on the most important services they need. We consider:

  • The size of your school and how many rooms will need air conditioning and heating service
  • Whether you want a continuous stream of AC working at its fullest capacity
  • The time of year you need heating and cooling
  • If you want your temperature to be easily and quickly controlled
  • Your intended AC budget

Proper ventilation, cooling, and heat are only some of our benefits to your school. Learn how we go above and beyond with our commercial HVAC service.

The HVAC Systems for Schools We Prefer

While AirLogix is well-equipped to install any type of HVAC system, we prefer the ones that best meet your institution’s needs. Schools are commercial businesses that tend to require some of the same HVAC needs as larger facilities like industrial warehouses. We recommend avoiding simpler units like split-system units and going for something more powerful.

Our schools tend to benefit from systems like the following:

  • Multi-split systems – These systems are great for larger commercial buildings and have multiple indoor units that hook up to a single outdoor unit. This is an ideal and relatively cost-effective method for schools with dozens of classrooms. Even better, they take up less physical space and keep your school’s exterior looking great.
  • Variable air volume (VAV) – If your institution is on the larger side and has multiple HVAC needs, VAV is perfect. It uses a single duct supply and has a fan speed that runs according to a particular room’s temperature, keeping the refrigerant flow at a consistent temperature. It promotes clean energy that saves on costs while efficiently controlling temperatures on the spot.
  • Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) – VRFs are a type of heat pump system that uses refrigerants for better heating and cooling. They have several evaporators connecting to a single condensing unit and can instantly heat or cool a building. VRFs are similar to VAVs in that they can quickly cool multiple rooms, but they’re not as ideal for spaces with large open floorplans.

Institutional HVAC Maintenance

District administrators and leaders in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania areas aren’t just taking advantage of our expert HVAC installation and design services. They can’t stop raving about our superb maintenance that addresses issues long before they happen.

Schools operate for over eight hours in a business day, and that’s not including parent-teacher meetings, open house events, and after-school activities. When even the best quality HVAC systems are constantly running, they’re prone to get worn out and clogged—especially if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

But with regular maintenance and inspections, you get a return on your investment by ensuring that your systems will last a long time. After all, the last thing you want is for your HVAC systems to completely fail at the end of the summer, right before the start of a new semester.

With AirLogix, you can enjoy maintenance benefits like:

  • Priority Service Calls
  • White Glove Service
  • Reduced Labor Rates
  • A Preventative Maintenance Contract
  • Energy Cost Savings

AirLogix: One of the Leading HVAC Companies in New York

We’re adaptable for every industry, and our clients know it too. When you choose AirLogix for your commercial HVAC needs, you guarantee an efficient and productive environment for your beloved business.

Are you ready to receive specialized services from a team of qualified HVAC technicians?