HVAC for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Building HVAC Systems in NY and NJ

When you visit a commercial building, like an office, hotel, or retail shop, you want to trust that you’ll be doing business in a comfortable environment with good air quality. This benefit can only be guaranteed by quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service.

AirLogix is proud to offer the highest quality HVAC systems for commercial buildings. With our services, commercial business owners can rest easy knowing their employees are the most productive in an environment where the temperature is optimal.

The Types of HVAC Systems for Commercial Buildings

The type of commercial HVAC system we think will suit your needs depends on your unique business. That’s why we consult with you on the best course of action.
But how do we know what’s best for your business?
We’ll observe your business’s primary function, size, the number of rooms and workers, and your budget to determine whether you need a system with many moving parts or something more straightforward. AirLogix uses the most efficient, industry-leading HVAC systems for our clients with commercial buildings.We work with the following HVAC systems:

Single-Split Systems

Single-split systems are the most popular kind of HVAC system and take a more modest approach to your heating and cooling needs. Split systems have self-contained indoor units that pair with an outdoor unit. They contain refrigerant for cooling air as it cycles into your building, a compressor for pushing the refrigerant through to the AC system, an evaporator coil for absorbing the heat from the air inside the building, and a furnace for heating the circulated air.

This setup is perfect for smaller commercial buildings with a more frugal installation budget. As a business expands, more units can be added for better cooling capacity.

Multi-Split Systems

Multi-split systems are similar to single-split systems, but they’re not as ideal for small offices. These systems fit larger commercial buildings like doctor’s offices and theaters better because they have multiple indoor units that hook up to a single outdoor unit.

While the installation cost is higher and takes longer to complete, these units take up less space and work wonders for your building’s outside appearance.

Variable Air Volume (VAV)

VAV systems work best with locations that have multiple HVAC needs. This type of system uses a single duct supply and maintains temperature via a thermostat. The compressor or fan speed runs according to the room’s temperature, and it works to keep the refrigerant flow at a consistent temperature.

This model offers a lot of energy efficiency by saving on costs, and it expertly works to control temperatures on the spot. However, it’s quite expensive to set up and can take up a lot of physical space inside a building. For commercial businesses, it best fits locations with multiple rooms.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

VRFs are heat pump systems that use refrigerants for both heating and cooling. These systems have multiple evaporators that connect to a single condensing unit and can heat and cool buildings at any moment.

Like VAVs, VRF systems are perfect for heating and cooling buildings with multiple rooms. They’re not ideal for large areas where lots of people tend to gather, like warehouses. An owner of an office building would find a lot of value in the efficiency of a VRF, but it’s an expensive process.

Constant Air Volume (CAV)

CAVs use compressors designed to operate at their total capacity until the desired temperature is achieved in the building. We use these types of HVAC systems for commercial buildings where the temperatures should stay constant for a long time.

While this method isn’t used as commonly in commercial buildings as in warehouses and other industrial facilities because of high energy costs, it is still a viable option for businesses that can find lots of value in them, like exhibition halls and grocery stores.

You’ve learned about the best types of HVAC systems for commercial buildings, but our services cover much more than that. Find out how we incorporate ductless systems or chilling and cooling towers into our work.

Maintaining Your Commercial HVAC System

Using our services to install an efficient commercial HVAC unit is the best choice a business owner can make, but that’s only getting half the benefits. Picture this: you’ve successfully installed a VRF unit through another company, but you don’t take advantage of regular inspections. Because VRF systems affect the whole HVAC network, the entire heating and cooling system goes down when your expensive investment hits a snag.

When you seek our maintenance services, you take advantage of a level of expertise you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Instead of wasting money by stopping your regular business operations and paying for expensive repairs, you can take advantage of proactive services that’ll keep your commercial business up and running for a long time.

With AirLogix, you can enjoy the benefits of a customized maintenance agreement and general service client that provides lots of perks, like:

  • Priority Service Calls
  • White Glove Service
  • Reduced Labor Rates
  • A Preventative Maintenance Contract
  • Energy Cost Savings
  • Prolonged Lifespan of Your Equipment
  • And more!

AirLogix: Your Premier Commercial HVAC Experts

Your commercial building is in great hands when you choose AirLogix as a partner. Instead of mediocre service, you opt for transparency and reliability. Our trusted contractors know that no building is the same, and we show that philosophy in our work. That’s why customers in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania service areas count on us for every type of HVAC/R, no matter how big or small.

Are you ready to take advantage of our 24/7 emergency response time, organized mechanical contracting, and expert installation services? Contact us today. We’re willing to sit down with you.