4 Reasons VRF System is the Best HVAC Solution For Your Next Project


Are you looking to change your current HVAC system and acquire new technology? Allow us to introduce you to the future of heating and cooling technology, Variable Refrigerant Flow system (VRF technology).

VRF technology is the latest and greatest in heating and cooling comfort. The variable refrigerant flow system will make your commercial space or high-end residence more comfortable by reducing energy costs for HVAC systems. Its sleek design improves airflow around buildings while maintaining desired temperature levels throughout all the building areas.

Among all HVAC technologies, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems have proven to be more energy-efficient. The way it operates, VRF distributes refrigerant to different zones through refrigerant piping and then controls the amount of flow for each zone at all times, so there will always be perfect air conditioning wherever needed. Unlike other options, VRF systems can produce 30-40% savings on energy, resulting in a whopping 50% reduction of building needs. 

The right system for your building, VRF, is the perfect fit. Here are four reasons this can be beneficial:

1. Your building requires some zones to cool while others warm up

VRF systems are a fantastic way to provide your building with the cooling it needs. A VRF system consists of multiple indoor units connected to an outdoor module that runs on the rechargeable refrigerant fluid to offer consistent comfort throughout different zones. You can install more outdoor modules depending on your needs.

VRF has the ability to simultaneously heat and cool a building by absorbing residual energy when it’s cooling one zone, then redirecting that same air into another. This results in less energy waste while improving productivity at your company.

2. Your building experiences abrupt temperature changes

VRF systems have a variable-speed compressor instead of cycling on and off that runs continuously and at varying speeds to match demand. The system works with the branch controller, which is what controls refrigerant flow in each zone of your home or business – adjusting it as needed for desired temperature maintenance.

A comfortable building not only helps to keep energy costs low, but the perfect balance between temperature and humidity is essential for optimal worker productivity. Research has shown that achieving this ideal environment improves employee performance by 44%.

3. You need an HVAC solution with a lower total cost of ownership.

VRF systems may be more expensive upfront, but they can save money in two key areas over time. First, VRF requires little or no maintenance because of how it operates based on demand and independent units resulting in minimum wear and tear; also, if one indoor unit shuts down, then the rest won’t affect them either.

Second, VRF — specifically two-pipe systems — takes little time to install. You can have a fully functional system up and running no matter what room you’re located in the house! Another huge benefit of this type is its ability to fit into existing buildings which would otherwise be impossible without destroying them or reconstructing from scratch, costing more money than necessary.

4. Your current building design or design plans require a ductless system.

VRF systems are perfect for efficient space utilization and offer several different mounting options to fit into any room design. The indoor units come in wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed, or suspended configurations, while outdoor modules may be floor-standing to suit your personal preference best.

Ductless VRF systems are a great way to save space in your home. They can also help you make the most of an older building with limited HVAC possibilities, renovation needs that aren’t suitably equipped for traditional ductwork installation, or new construction plans designed without ventilation as part of their design plan from day one.

VRF is the newest technology in heating, cooling, and ventilation. It can be retrofitted to your current system by combining with other products or controls — even those that work differently than what you currently have. Airlogix will help configure the right VRF for your space, so contact us today if interested; we’re experts at finding energy-efficient solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

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