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How HVAC Can Reduce Costs in Your Warehouse


Heating and ventilating can sometimes make up 30% of the cost of running a warehouse. When dealing with an immense amount of space, keeping the goods stored at an appropriate temperature is essential. But it’s also vital to keep the temperature comfortable for the employees. Learn how warehouse HVAC maintenance can help save your company money.

Think about the HVAC bills you are paying each month and reallocate some of that money over to maintenance. You will see how quickly a regular check-in with HVAC services will bring your monthly energy bill way down. Preventative maintenance can have a considerable effect on your business’s budget.


The energy costs that pile up when heating and cooling a warehouse can be overwhelming. Heat naturally rises to the top, and when you are trying to keep employees warm in the winter, this can be a challenge. In the summer, you will find the challenge is keeping the cold air inside while keeping the employees and customers comfortable. You don’t want to blow too much cold air where people have to wear sweaters inside when it’s 90 degrees outside.

Another obstacle in keeping the temperature regulated is the opening and closing of dock doors. Often there is a lot of loading and unloading in warehouses, and the open doors can lead to a warehouse HVAC working on overdrive as the air conditioning or heating goes right out the door. Even when the doors are closed, there can be poor door seals that continually leak out the air from the warehouse HVAC system.


It is vital to keep the energy bills as low as possible when running a warehouse. The challenges may seem overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to overcome them. Here are some tips to think about when running your warehouse HVAC system:

  • Section off employee workspace: Most of the time, the products being stored can be colder or hotter than the employees working in the space. The trick is getting the temperature right so that the employees are productive and comfortable. If there is an area of the warehouse where employees work, you can section off that area and pump most of the warehouse HVAC energy into the employee workspace.
  • Circulate the rising heat: Large, slow fans can be used to push the heat that rises back down to the ground level. This is a great way to utilize the heat that naturally rises and recirculate back into the area that it is needed. You can also use fans to utilize the heat that is created by machinery in the warehouse.
  • Check for leaks in ducts and windows: If there is a section of the warehouse that is not heating or cooling as efficiently as other spaces, then it is time to inspect the ductwork for possible leaks. Leaky windows can also be a source of the warehouse HVAC overworking to cool or heat a particular area of the warehouse.
  • Change filters regularly: Filters get clogged with dirt and buildup from the air over time. You will want these filters clean so that enough air is getting out through the system.
  • Activate automated controls: An updated HVAC system will provide options for sectioning off zones and automatically setting schedules for the system. There will even be controls where the system turns off when there hasn’t been movement or traffic in the area for a chosen amount of time. This can be helpful for warehouses that do get customer traffic during some hours of the day.
  • Update outdated equipment: Many old warehouse HVAC systems are continually blowing air to no avail. The old systems are not built to be energy-efficient. They can have obsolete parts that aren’t easily replaced. When you update your system with the newest technologies, then you can save big money in the long run.
  • Shut doors quicker and seal door jambs: Doors with fast-mechanisms that open and close quickly can save energy. By installing seals on all the doors, you can ensure that you’re saving energy when the doors are closed. Some warehouses even use vinyl curtains on the doors to keep the hot air out when the doors are open.
  • Utilize natural ventilation: In the summer months, release the hot air that rises to the top by opening windows that are high up. And when it is a comfortable temperature outside, then open windows and circulate the outside, fresh air. Consider humidity when bringing in air from the outside. You want the air quality inside to remain pleasant, and moisture can be uncomfortable, even when the temperature is in the 60s and 70s.

It is crucial to think of a long term plan for your warehouse HVAC system. And even if these changes seem small, the benefits can add up over time. There are continual improvements in energy-efficiency when it comes to HVAC systems. Be sure you are seeking out energy-saving strategies with your warehouse HVAC.


When it comes to heaters and air conditioners, you will save money by scheduling a routine maintenance service. When you regularly get your duct system checked for leaks and have parts replaced that aren’t working efficiently, your monthly bills will reflect huge savings.

A regular warehouse HVAC service will include checking filters and cleaning out buildup. If debris buildup in your condenser coil goes unnoticed, it can reduce the efficiency of your system. It can also lead to system failure over time, forcing an emergency replacement of the whole HVAC.

Preventative maintenance will save you money over time as you fix problems before they arise. Having your heat or cooling break down and waiting for days to get it fixed is not something any warehouse can afford. You want to prevent an outage from ever occurring.


There are many financing options available. We can work with monthly installments or work out a plan that is best for you. Including HVAC maintenance in your budget will always be beneficial to your company, as warehouse HVAC is a huge priority in running a warehouse. You should always be prepared for any HVAC setbacks that come your way, financially and logistically.

Contact our team for financing options. When you enter a maintenance agreement with us, you will see that we make your company a priority with exclusive rates and immediate service responses. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen before you have to contact an HVAC service provider. Take control of the situation before getting stuck in a predicament.


If your system is outdated, then many of these energy-saving strategies cannot be implemented. When you contact AirLogix, we will find the best warehouse HVAC for your particular situation. We can also check your ductwork and doors and windows for possible leaks. We will check filters and change them out when needed. We can help you set up the zones in your specific warehouse and set an automated schedule that we’ve seen work best in other warehouse HVAC systems. Here at AirLogix, we offer a maintenance agreement. When you partner with our team, you reap the benefits of regular maintenance visits, where we prevent problems before they occur. We check for energy efficiency and manufacturing replacements as they are needed. With a warehouse HVAC maintenance agreement, your calls will be our top priority. Head to our website and request an estimate today. Our HVAC experts have the experience to know exactly what your warehouse needs in order to bring costs down and increase savings for your company.

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