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What To Know About Utility Incentives in NY and NJ


Did you know that you can receive benefits for saving energy with your HVAC system? It is crucial to seek maintenance for your HVAC system periodically to make sure there isn’t energy wasted. Not only will an efficient system save you in your utility bills, but it will also save energy and help the environment. You can look for which utility incentives are available to help you implement energy-saving systems in your commercial building.


Utility incentives are offered to commercial buildings and homes that value renewable energy and energy efficiency. When your company invests in necessary steps to use less energy, you will save on your utility bill and benefit the environment. 

Offering rebates for energy-efficient products purchased are still happening, but the growing trend is toward paying for performance. This means that you will be rewarded based on the lesser amount of energy used.

Utility incentives reward the owners who focus on clean energy instead of wasting resources and electricity. The amount of energy-saving procedures found in your company will be revealed through energy audits. If your company comes out with high marks during the energy audit, you will receive utility incentives to promote continual growth in the right direction.

Differences Between Utility Incentives and Financing Options

Utility incentives offer money-back or cost-share programs when your company implements energy-saving programs. Among various financial incentives, there are also financing options for systems that utilize renewables and efficiency.

If you are looking for energy-efficiency improvements in your home energy, then you can find financing options through the company that you choose. A company like AirLogix will offer financing options for their services. If you use financing options to fund your energy-efficiency improvements, then you can qualify for utility incentives on your next energy audit.


When you implement energy efficiency improvements in your home or business, you will be rewarded with savings. As your utility company recognizes your decreased energy usage, they will reward you with money back.

There are also state and local incentives that could apply to you. Research your state and find out what programs are offered that will help you finance and afford the positive changes you can make toward energy-efficiency in your home or business. When you read through all of the incentives available, you can understand which benefits apply to you. Discussing the options with an HVAC expert like AirLogix can also help you comprehend.

Examples of utility incentive programs may include:

  • Incentives for companies with energy-efficient culture implementations: Suppose your company runs a big campaign to change company culture by promoting turning off lights, running water minimally, and recycling. Then you can reap the benefits of a lower utility bill and utility incentives if the campaign changes the energy used.
  • Incentives for setting energy-saving goals and tracking progress year-by-year: Along with changing your company culture, you can set goals and keep track of the energy you are saving by making small changes. When your employees see how important your energy-efficient goals are, they will be thoughtful about using the power in your building.
  • Rewards for automatic lights and HVAC automation: Utility incentives are available for installing automation in your building when it comes to lights turning off automatically and the HVAC system set to an automated schedule. When the light goes off when a person exits a bathroom, employees don’t have to remember to save energy. It’s done for them.
  • Incentives for advanced power strips and energy-efficient lightbulbs: Simply switching out lightbulbs and power strips can add substantial energy savings to your commercial building. This is a great way to make a change without having to put down a big chunk of money.
  • Incentives for solar and wind power: Look for the many utility incentives related to solar energy and wind power. You can find tax credits for the installation and continued money back from your utility company for the good you’re doing for the environment.
  • Rewards for reduced water usage: Water companies offer bonuses for not watering your lawn during the heat of the day and reducing your water usage over time.

When you understand how you could receive a utility incentive, you can start making those positive changes in your business. It may take an initial investment, but the incentive for money back with utilities will motivate you to get started. Your long-term savings will add up to much more than the initial investment to get started when you update to modern and energy-efficient systems.


When it comes to the utility incentive programs you may qualify for, you can visit the efficiency dsire database of state incentives for renewables. Selecting your specific state will lay out all of the incentives offered, including tax credits and exemptions. Here are some of the incentive programs offered:

  • Tax Credits: A tax credit will deduct from your total taxable income and essentially give you a chunk of money that is not taxable on your tax return. There are energy-saving tax credits available for your business and your residence, including savings due to wind energy and solar energy.
  • Loan Programs: Loan programs are available for solar energy or HVAC updates with energy-efficient systems. You may find financing options through your HVAC provider as well. The idea is to offer the loan to use your utility savings to pay the loan payment each month.
  • Rebate Program: There are rebate programs offered for which you can apply to receive money back after you’ve implemented an energy-efficient system. This can include rebates for an energy-efficient water heater, lighting, or HVAC system.
  • Grant Program: A grant program would consist of applying for funds that you don’t have to pay back. These funds are specifically laid out for areas that have an extreme need to benefit the environment. Grant programs can include the upfront costs being covered with timelines for partial repayment based on the natural savings from the energy-efficient update.

These various incentives do not include every benefit offered to you as you take steps in the right direction toward renewable energy. Visit your state’s database and go through every option that may be provided, and see if it applies to you.


If you are unsure of the utility incentives offered, you can visit the department of energy and ask questions about your utility bill. Make sure that your energy provider is also implementing the benefits for which you qualify.

If you need help navigating this complicated world of commercial utility incentives, you can contact AirLogix and seek help from the experts. When you meet with an experienced HVAC team, they will know what incentives you will qualify for as you explore the energy-efficient systems offered. The team will also ensure that you are not missing out on any available benefits.


To find out all of the utility incentives specific to your commercial building, AirLogix can help. Our expert team is experienced in assisting businesses to achieve the highest efficiency in their HVAC systems. Your business and its bottom line will always be a priority at AirLogix. Our reputation speaks for itself, leaving all customers satisfied and knowing we are a business they can trust. Please contact us today to set up an appointment.

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