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The Cost-Effective Benefits of Routine Heat Pump Maintenance


Although transitioning to heat pumps comes with an upfront cost, they create significant long-term savings due to their increased efficiency. Heat pumps are currently 35 times more energy efficient than gas boilers.

Even though heat pumps have increased efficiency, like any other HVAC system they require routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Ready to learn more? In this guide, we’ll take a look at the cost-effective benefits of routine heat pump maintenance.

How Long Do Heat Pumps Last?

On average, heat pumps last around 15 years. However, some heat pumps can wear out within a decade if they aren’t taken care of properly.

Several things can impact the lifespan of your heat pump including the area where you live, how often you use it, and the type of heat pump you have. Newer heat pumps may last a bit longer on average than older systems.

Proper maintenance is one of the main factors that can affect the lifespan of your heat pump, and keeping the unit well maintained will help provide some cost-effective benefits while also allowing your heat pump to last longer.

What to Expect From Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pump maintenance includes a full system inspection, which consists of many different checkpoints.

A professional heat pump technician may replace air filters and check the airflow of the system, and they will also inspect all components, including the compressor the belts, and the blower.

Your professional will take a close look at all the controls, ducts, fans, and motors making up the outdoor unit, as well as the thermostat and be sure that it has been calibrated for high accuracy.

In the case a heat pump professional notices anything wrong with your system, they’ll notify you and will guide you on the repairs that are needed. In some cases, you’ll need to replace certain components.

After heat pump maintenance and any repairs that may come along with it, your heat pump will be perfectly suited for heating and cooling your building efficiently.

Cost-Effective Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

Maintaining your heat pump can help you save money in several ways. Here’s what you should know.

Extends Heat Pump Lifespan

As mentioned above, heat pumps tend to last 15 years on average, but they may last for a much shorter amount of time if they aren’t well taken care of.

Scheduled maintenance and proactive repairs can help extend the life of your heat pump and ensure it keeps on serving your commercial building for a long time to come. The frequency in which a unit should be serviced will vary depending on certain factors, such as the environment that it resides in. A certified professional will be able to discuss the exact needs of your unit.

The longer your heat pump lasts, the longer it will be until you need to make a full replacement. Replacing a heat pump can be very expensive, so it’s worth postponing the need for it as much as you can.

Prevents Costly Breakdowns

When your heat pump breaks down, you’ll need to call a professional to help you get it back in working order. Repairs can be costly, and replacing certain components will set you back by quite a bit.

Because breakdowns often happen unexpectedly, this can be especially frustrating. Needing to pay hundreds of dollars on repairs unexpectedly can cause difficulties and eat into the profitability of your business.

Reduces Energy Bills

Maintaining your heat pump helps it to work more efficiently and do a better job of heating and cooling your building. Your heat pump will have an easier time bringing your building to the ideal temperature and won’t have to work as hard to do so.

When your heat pump is well maintained, it won’t have to run as often, meaning the energy bills will be lower.

You can save a significant amount of money on energy bills when your heat pump is well-maintained and doing its job efficiently. An older heat pump that hasn’t been well maintained will be more expensive, as it will have to run more frequently to maintain a building’s temperature.

Helps Maintain Warranty

If your commercial heat pump is under warranty, it’s essential to get regular maintenance. Routine maintenance is often a manufacturer requirement in order to maintain your equipment’s warranty. Be sure you’re proactively maintaining your heat pump to prevent your warranty from being voided.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Another way maintaining your heat pump can benefit your building is that it can improve indoor air quality.

As time goes by, dust, dirt, and allergens will accumulate in a heat pump’s filters and components. A heat pump will move these pollutants around your building and impact the air quality inside, and

heat pump maintenance will help to keep your heat pump clean and more effectively filter out any pollutants that enter the system.

Poor indoor air quality can negatively affect those who work in your commercial building. It could cause potential health issues, leading to doctor visits and medical bills, as well as reduced productivity if they’re sick often.

Getting your heat pump maintained helps eliminate these issues, and helps everyone in the building breathe easier.

Maintaining Your Heat Pump

Getting regular heat pump maintenance is essential if you want to keep your heat pump working efficiently. By being proactive with maintenance, you’ll extend your heat pump’s lifespan, prevent breakdowns, and save on energy bills.

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