Should You Replace Your Air Conditioning in the Winter?


Most business owners believe that spring and summer are the best times to perform equipment upgrades and other maintenance needs. However, it is better to wait for the winter for some installations. The colder months are often better for installing air conditioners. Despite the belief that warmer months are best for any construction and installation work, installing a new AC is best done when the weather is cooler. Waiting can also result in better pricing.

Summer Months Often Result in Delays

Many business owners wait until warmer weather to have work done on the property. Therefore, waiting can result in significant delays in getting essential work done, especially if you are not one of the first customers to schedule the work. Additionally, as AC units are typically installed in attics, installation crews need to pay attention to the weather. The summer can lead to rising temperatures, which can provide safety concerns. Beyond the potential delays, if your AC is on the fritz, waiting for warmer weather can lead to uncomfortable working conditions for your employees. By taking care of the upgrades during the winter, you ensure the summer months can be comfortable for your staff.

Winter Installation Is More Cost-Effective and Practical

Because manufacturers and installers are less busy in the winter months, you will often get a fair price on the equipment and install. In fact, many companies will offer discounts and other savings to ensure they have work for the winter. Additionally, having an installation done in the winter means you have more time to weigh your options. Without needing to rush to cool your facility, you can get multiple quotes and research the different companies and installers, ensuring you hire the right team for the job.

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