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HVAC Maintenance Now Saves Money Tomorrow


Budget season is approaching, that point in the year when all entrepreneurs and commercial property owners try to predict what upcoming expenses they will face. Chances are, you have already been thinking about your overhead for the coming year. One category that is frequently omitted from budgets is HVAC maintenance, repair, and upgrades. Most executives would like to think that air filters and electricity usage are the only HVAC expenses they will have during the next 12 months. Unfortunately, failing to budget for air conditioning and heating inspections and system maintenance almost always results in greater costs down the road.

Important Items to Include in Your HVAC Budget

What should you consider when it comes to your heating and air conditioning?

  • Establishing an annual budget is the first order of business. This sets a baseline for each coming year that allows you to know what to expect and tells you if something is amiss. For example, if your electric costs skyrocket compared to the same quarter from the previous year, you may have a problem with your system.
  • Establishing a regular service schedule is next. Modern HVAC equipment is built to endure but all systems require oversight.
  • Establishing a “rainy day” fund. It might become necessary to replace or upgrade a part of your HVAC. Replacing an aging system with a more efficient one will pay for itself over time.

Hold Costs to a Minimum With a Contract

There is a great deal of wisdom in viewing your HVAC service provider not as “someone to call when the system goes down” but rather “someone to bring in regularly to prevent the system from breaking down.” At Airlogix, we have learned that creating a service contract is a great money saver because it allows us to keep an eye on your system’s needs, avoid surprise shutdowns, and potentially avoid major breakdowns. Call us at 844 885-6449 today!

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