Commercial Ductwork Repair

Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial HVAC Ductwork?


If you are unsure how old the ductwork is in your commercial building, it may be time to find it out. When commercial HVAC ductwork is old, the efficiency level decreases significantly, and you could be paying for the inefficient structure through your monthly utility bills. Contacting HVAC specialists can help to determine if it is time to replace your ductwork.


The duct system is the series of large pipes that run through your ceilings and carry air from the heating and cooling system all over your business. The tubes can be round or rectangular, and in many commercial buildings, they are exposed for an industrial look. The ductwork in HVAC systems is vital because if the air is not transported efficiently, there are evident problems in the commercial building’s heating or cooling. Here are 5 reasons you may know it is time for commercial ductwork NY:


There are obvious signs that you will recognize to signify that it is time to replace the HVAC ductwork in your building. With various types of ducts, including sheet metal ducts or a fiberglass duct system, the most prominent signs have to do with the system’s efficiency. If your energy bill is rising without increased use of the system, you may require commercial ductwork NY.

1. Your Utility Bill Has Increased

The first significant indicator of needed commercial ductwork in NY is that your utility bill continues to increase. If you are looking into rate changes or asking around to see if there have been thermostat changes that you weren’t aware of, you may want to look into your system.

If conditioned air is getting blown into the attic or ceiling space without your knowledge, then those air leaks will cause a notable rise in your energy bill. The best NJ commercial HVAC system will deliver all of the cold air efficiently to the spaces that need it most. If this is not happening, then it is time to hire a team for commercial ductwork.

2. The Ductwork is Damaged

Upon inspection of the ductwork systems, you may find damage. If there is visible damage to the pipes, including a crushed area or gaping hole, then the amount of air escaping could be detrimental to your utility bill.

The moment you are aware of an accident that caused damage to your ductwork, contact a commercial ductwork professional. The more time that you allow to pass with damaged ductwork, the more money out of your pocket. It is vital to be proactive with your HVAC equipment.

3. The Ducts Are in Uninsulated Areas

If you have metallic ducts running through uninsulated parts of your business, then the heated or cooled air inside the pipes will not remain heated or cooled. This will significantly affect your commercial HVAC. If you are aware of parts of the building that are not insulated, talk to a commercial ductwork NY team to address the problem.

This may include having the room insulated in order to prevent further problems in the future. Well-insulated areas of your building are going to solve some ongoing heating and cooling problems. If you put in your due diligence of cutting out any potential issues that might contribute to an inefficient commercial HVAC system, you won’t regret it.

4. Heating is Uneven

You will notice in your commercial HVAC system that areas of the building are not receiving heat evenly. Maybe there is an area of the office that stays abnormally cold. The back corners of the office or the area above the garage may be getting insufficient heat.

When you look into this problem, you could find that it is an error in the ductwork design altogether, with a lack of vents going into those areas. Or you may find a leak or a buildup that is causing the system to blow more in some areas than others. A commercial ductwork team can help you get to the root of the issue and find the right solution.

5. The Ducts Are in Building Cavities

In many older commercial structures, small building cavities were left to be used as ducts in the HVAC system. This is not a good idea as these areas were not meant to transport air, and you could have major leaks happening in these small cavities in your building. The ductwork should be continuous and without leaks.

If your building has cavities of space that are expected to carry through the heated or cooled air and deliver it to the right place in the building, plan on that not happening effectively. The moment you become aware of these cavities and inefficient system design, contact a commercial ductwork expert in New York or New Jersey to help you solve your problem.

Of course, it may be challenging to pinpoint the exact reason why you need to replace your ductwork system. If you’re not up there among the pipes, you may not see the damage or gaping holes or be able to follow the ductwork and see the problems. That is why it’s essential to have a commercial ductwork on your side to consult you in these times of need.


A big sign of whether you need to replace or repair your commercial ductwork system is if it is around the time that it was estimated that your ductwork system would last. Did the HVAC system receive regular maintenance like changing filters, cleaning out the ducts every 5 years, and parts replaced as needed?

Average ductwork lasts 10-25 years if it was initially installed correctly and received regular maintenance. If you need to replace your HVAC system, it does not mean that you also need to replace your ductwork unless you are aware of a problem with it.

If the ducts are in good condition overall but need a repair on a leak or normal wear and tear, that may be the better option for your commercial ductwork NY.

NYC Duct Installation Costs vs. Duct Repair Costs

The cost to repair your duct system can be significantly cheaper than the cost to replace the system altogether. There are many factors that go into the cost of new ductwork, like the material of ducts you would like to use. You can choose polyester as the cheapest option, but it will also last the least amount of time.

Options like galvanized steel or stainless steel for your commercial ductwork will last the longest and be the most expensive. Here are some things to be aware of when deciding between repairing or replacing your commercial ductwork:


  • System Relatively New: If the system is under 10 years old, a repair can usually be the right choice. With commercial systems, where the materials used are sturdy and long-lasting, the system should ideally last 25 years without being replaced.
  • No Rust Present: Metal pipes can rust over the years. If you do not see rust, then the repair can be simple and effective.
  • Inefficiencies Easily Found: If it is easy to pinpoint where the ductwork needs repairing, this work can be quickly done. But when the areas of inefficiency are unknown, it can be more complicated. Hiring the right commercial ductwork NY team will help.
  • Average Cost around $1,000: Repair can be much more cost-effective than replacing the system altogether. But you have to be sure you’re not placing bandaids on an inevitable replacement. You don’t want to waste money along the way.
  • Duct Sealing or Duct Armor As an Alternative to Replacement: Ask about duct sealing or duct armor for a system that needs a lot of help in productivity. These options may cost more than repairing but won’t cost as much as a replacement.


  • Old System of 25 Years or More: If the system is old enough, you may be wasting money by pumping repairs into it. Look into your system’s age and trust the estimated lifespan. Over the years, the ductwork can lose 40% efficiency.
  • Rust and Cracks Throughout: For a visibly damaged system with rust throughout the pipes, it is time to replace it all. You don’t want to worry about how long your repair will last and when you’ll have to invest more money into a fatigued system.
  • Cavity with No Ductwork: New ductwork will undoubtedly need to be installed into an area that has air flowing to act as ductwork.
  • Cost Between $25 to $42 Per Linear Foot: The range of cost depends on the materials used, with galvanized steel being the most expensive option. It is also the option that will last the longest. The price can also increase if ceilings need to be cut into and repaired along the way.
  • Total Cost Averages Between $10,000-$20,000: For commercial ductwork, the price is higher because the materials used are more sturdy and long-lasting.

The price difference between replacing and repairing your commercial ductwork system is immense. Consider these items before deciding what is best for your system. And if you are unsure if your repairs will just be expensive band-aids on an inevitable ductwork replacement project, then ask a professional. Your trusted experts at AirLogix will be able to look at your HVAC system overall and know what will save you the most money in the long run.


For commercial HVAC ductwork that you can trust, contact AirLogix. Our team of experts will be able to assess your ductwork and determine if it needs maintenance or is ready to be replaced. We will always have your business’s best interest at heart. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment today.

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