Commercial HVAC for Industrial Buildings

AirLogix provides comprehensive commercial HVAC systems to industrial facilities. We use high-grade, energy-efficient industrial HVAC systems that help warehouses run at their fullest potential.

Industrial HVAC for Warehouses in NY and NJ

Industrial HVAC systems for warehouses require lots of maintenance and temperature regulation. If insufficient air conditioning makes your employees uncomfortable to the point when they have to take lots of breaks to cool off, you could waste precious time and money having your operations slowed.

At AirLogix, We’re industrial HVAC contractors who’ll keep your warehouse employees comfortable and productive. We look at the ins and outs of warehouse HVAC systems to provide customized solutions like chillers and cooling towers that maximize your time and productivity.

The more educated you are, the better decisions you can make with your warehouse system. Learn about AirLogix and the industries we serve.

Key Features of HVAC for Industrial Buildings

For industrial facilities like warehouses, business owners should aim for a comprehensive industrial HVAC system that focuses on at least two key features: temperature control and smart HVAC.

Temperature Regulation

Warehouses can be massive, with large open spaces and high ceilings. Maintaining the temperature inside can be difficult and costly without the proper HVAC system.

These issues can actually stack upon each other and escalate into bigger problems:

  • The extra space creates the opportunity for air leaks, whether at the dock doors or smaller doors that frequently open and close throughout the day.
  • Due to the vast space, air can’t rotate how it should, making the airflow stagnant and uncomfortable.
  • Poor air quality and air rotation contribute to sick building syndrome (SBS), an illness that can show up in employees as eye, nose, and throat irritation, headache, dry skin, and fatigue.

Addressing these side effects often leaves business owners drowning in pricey energy bills or scrambling to replace workers who’ve been negatively affected by insufficient temperatures.

That’s why at AirLogix, we install industrial HVAC systems perfect for large warehouses, like Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) or Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. These work because they allow different building areas to be separately heated and cooled.

Smart Industrial HVAC in Warehouses

Facility owners are soliciting industrial HVAC contractors to install smart HVAC technology systems that can achieve many tasks with less hassle. Here are a few that AirLogix provides that can be used in your warehouse now:

  • Smart Sensors – They monitor movement and heat signatures to determine which areas need temperature regulation and help you reduce wasted space from being heated or cooled.
  • Cool Roofing Systems – Cool roofing systems contain solar reflectors that don’t conduct or absorb heat from the sun, which helps minimize the chance for cool air to escape over time. AirLogix can help you save space and increase energy efficiency by servicing and repairing your AC rooftop units.
  • Solar Energy – Solar energy is a leading environmental solution right now, and for good reason. It’s cost-effective and useful for absorbing and storing heat before passing it through to the ventilation system. Since the air is already warm, transpired solar walls are great for saving energy costs and the wear and tear of your warehouse’s HVAC units.

Industrial HVAC Maintenance

In a warehouse setting, the HVAC system is always running, and properly cleaning your warehouse HVAC system is a must. Dirt and other things can get in the vents and other areas and clog your system, which prevents it from working as efficiently as it could. Hiring a regular professional to check out your heaters for any issues is also recommended. By checking your units at least once a month, a professional can quickly assess and resolve needed repairs.

AirLogix offers comprehensive maintenance agreements to help you save money and extend your equipment’s lifespan. With our services, you won’t have to worry about dirt buildup or wear and tear.

Industrial HVAC Tips

Our maintenance agreement is top-tier. However, there are a few tips facility owners can follow to help aid the cost of their warehouse’s HVAC system. The following suggestions are simple and convenient strategies for maintaining temperature control.

Focus on Your Temperature Control Areas

You can dramatically reduce your energy costs and use by focusing on your temperature control in areas that people occupy. If regulating the temperature in smaller spaces is not an option, use the most efficient HVAC system.

Air Destratification Techniques

Hot air rises to the highest point in a room or warehouse, and cooler air settles to the bottom in a process called stratification, which causes major wastes of heat. Destratification intentionally mixes the hot air with the cold air by pushing it down. Warehouse operators should use large fans at low speeds and high volumes to accomplish this, since larger fans will use much less energy to run, reducing energy costs.


Natural ventilation can help hot escape in the summer by using skylights and clerestory windows, improving airflow in the process and preventing health problems in your employees.

Recover Existing Heat

Heat recycling works with an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). This system acclimates the air from outside before it comes into the warehouse. It also helps control the air already inside. Recovering existing heat from machinery can help prevent your unit heaters from working too hard, improving your energy bills.
Depending on your facility, these can be built-in or stand-alone units.

Insulation and Air Curtains

Insulation is a highly effective way to seal off temperature-controlled air from escaping and prevent other air from coming in. Using linings and seals at your doors and windows helps, as well as vinyl strips called air curtains to block air from moving back and forth at loading docks.
You may also consider adding fast-mechanism doors that open and close quicker than standard doors so that the warm air or cool air doesn’t have a chance to escape as much. Even insulating the roof and installing double-pane windows can be beneficial.

We’re the Preferred Industrial HVAC Contractors in NY and NJ

Picking an industrial HVAC expert for your facility can be an intense process. But when you choose AirLogix, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll consult with you to determine your industrial building needs and help you decide on your new HVAC unit. As a promise to our clients, we use only the best industry-leading technology to deliver relevant solutions.

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